XSTIM - Configuring Wifi and Bluetooth

Accessing Phone Menu

There are two ways to access the phone menu. The default password to use is admin or 363870835.

Method 1: During Bootup

During the boot up process, when the E-MetroTel logo is displayed, you have 5 seconds to press the 4 softkeys from left to right in sequence. The display will prompt for the password.

Method 2: Hold button

When the phone is idle, double press the Hold  button to access the phone menu.



Bluetooth can only be activated and paired from the phone interface.

The 5010W phone supports a wide range of bluetooth headsets that are compatible with Bluetooth specification V4.0 and backwards compatible with 1.1, 1.2, 2.0 and 3.0.

To activate bluetooth:

  1. From the Phone Menu, select Bluetooth submenu
  2. Change Bluetooth setting to On, then press the Save softkey.
  3. The bluetooth icon will be displayed on the top bar of the LCD screen.
  •  - icon when not connected
  •  - icon when connected

To pair headset:

  1. From the bluetooth headset, initiate pairing mode. (Refer to the user guide of the headset.)
  2. From the 5010W phone menu, Bluetooth submenu, press the Scan softkey.
  3. The phone starts searching for bluetooth devices within the working range of 32 feet.
  4. All detected bluetooth devices will be displayed.
  5. Select the desired device and press the Connect softkey.

With the Bluetooth headset paired, you can do the following:

  • Press the Volume key (+) on the Bluetooth headset to increase the volume.
  • Press the Volume key (-) on the Bluetooth headset to decrease the volume.
  • Press the multifunction key on the Bluetooth headset to answer or end a call.


The 5010W phone supports network connection via WiFi. The WiFi option is available only when the network cable is unplugged.

When WiFi is enabled and connected, the WiFi icon  is displayed at the top of the LCD display screen.


  1. From the Phone Menu, select WiFi submenu.
  2. Set the Mode to Manual and press the Enter soft key.
  3. Toggle WiFi to On.
  4. Navigate to Available Network(s) and press the Scan soft key.
  5. Navigate to the desired network and press the Connect soft key.



  1. Add the phone to the Cloud Provisioning Tool with the following parameters filled in:
    • Wifi Mode = Provision
    • Wifi Active = Yes
    • Wifi Security Mode = None / WEP / WPA PSK / WPA2 PSK
    • Wifi SSID
    • Wifi Password
  2. Power up the phone and connect the phone to the internet via the network cable.
  3. Upon powering up, the phone will retrieve the configuration file from the public server: repo.uc-x.org/infinity.cfg
  4. Login to the phone's web interface and navigate to Network -> Wifi page to verify the Wifi parameters are correctly configured.
    If the phone did not retrieve the Wifi parameters, then go to Management -> Auto Provision page, check if Upgrade Mode is set to HTTP or HTTPS and Configuration Server Path is set to repo.uc-x.org/infinity.cfg.
    Make the necessary changes and click on SaveSet button, followed by the Autoprovision Now button. Repeat Step 4.
  5. Power down the phone and bring it to the customer site.
  6. Power up the phone (do not connect network cable) and it will connect to the customer's Wifi network as configured.


  1. From the Phone Menu, select WiFi submenu.
  2. Set the Mode to Provision and press the Enter soft key. (When Mode is set to Provision, you can also configure the settings from the phone's web interface.)
  3. Toggle WiFi to On.
  4. Fill in all the required information and press the Save soft key.
  5. Exit the phone menu.