XSTIM - Controls and Buttons (5006 / 5010)

Depending on the model of phone you have, different keys may be offered for different models. Nevertheless, there are some basic controls and buttons that are available on all 5000 series phones running XSTIM firmware.

Infinity 5010 XSTIM phone supports up to 10 line keys and Infinity 5046 expansion module supports 20 line keys.

The following diagram is an example showing the 5010 XSTIM phone:

Standard telephone controls and buttons are listed in the table below.

Control/Button Description
LED Indicator Blinks when the phone is ringing.
Line keys Configurable line keys with labels displayed on the LCD screen.
Soft keys Context sensitive keys with labels displayed on the LCD screen.
Cancel key To return to idle screen  or cancel a call.
Navigation/OK keys

Menu navigation (up/down/left/right) and OK key to select.

Press the OK key when the phone is idle to access SERVICES.
Message  New message indicator, press to access voicemail box.
Headset  Headset mode toggle (applicable only if a headset is present).
Mute  Mute/unmute toggle.
Speaker  Speaker/handset mode toggle.
Keypad Standard telephone keypad.
Volume keys

Call volume increase/decrease.

Call history To access the call logs for Received, Placed and Missed calls.
Transfer  Call Transfer.
Hold  Hold/Resume call toggle.
Menu / Conference  Single press on an active call to initiate Conference.
Double press while idle to access the phone Menu.