XSTIM - Known Issues



Manual Firmware Update

If you run into issues performing a manual firmware update, there are few things to check:

  • Navigate to Management -> Auto Provision page, check that the Firmware Server Path and Config Server Path is cleared. If the paths are not cleared, when the phone reboots it will check the firmware version from the server path and update again.
  • Use Google Chrome browser to perform the firmware update.

Support for Tones and Cadences

Refer to XSTIM - Nortel Settings and Properties for details.

To be Fixed

Ring Volume

The RING volume level when set to the highest value is still not loud enough on the new model 5010 XE phones. This issue is being investigated.
The current resolution for this issue is to install loud ringtones. (See instructions Installing Loud Ringtones.)

Speaker Volume

When using handsfree/speaker, volume sent to farend is too soft. This issue is being investigated.

Fixed in

Call Waiting Interruption

Fixed in firmware load

The call waiting notification tone is now changed to a single beep every 10 seconds.

Expansion Module does not wake up

Fixed in firmware load

Expansion module will now wake up when main phone is active or when BLF key is active on expansion module.

Fixed in Older Loads

Screen saver and backlight sleep mode for 5046

Fixed in firmware load

Screen saver for the 5046 expansion module is now supported. The automatic backlight sleep mode between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM will also apply to the 5046 expansion.


Fixed in firmware load

All XSTIM phones now support the SERVICES key. The SERVICES key can be access from the phone by pressing the center OK navigation key when the phone is IDLE. 

Ring interval

Fixed in firmware load

The ring interval was too short, only 3 seconds. The interval is now corrected to the standard 6 seconds.

Wired headset

Fixed in firmware load

The issue of transfers not working with wired headsets is now resolved.

Blank Screen or Screen Saver

Fixed in firmware load

The display backlight will be automatically turned off between the hours of 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM if there is no activity for 30 minutes. This is design intent to protect the LCD screen. This protection mechanism will be activated regardless of the backlight or screen saver settings. The issue is fixed by using the correct local time configured on phone.

Audible Call Waiting

Fixed in firmware load

XSTIM currently supports Audible Call Waiting set to None or Ring. The setting Buzz is not supported.
The issue of Call Waiting not providing any notification ring tone is now resolved. When Audible Call Waiting is set to RING, a short 2-beep tone is given to indicate an incoming call waiting.

Speaker Volume

Fixed in firmware load​

The SPEAKER volume level is about 10 db lower than usual, this issue is now fixed.

Live Dialpad and Wireless Headset

Fixed in firmware load​​

If Live Dialpad is Enabled and wireless headset is connected, pressing any key on dialpad will initiate a call with the Headset button  LIT, however there is no speech path to the headset.
To get speechpath, press the TALK button on the headset followed by the Headset  button on the phone. This issue is now fixed.

Set loses button programming

Fixed in firmware load

Certain key labels disappear on the 5010 phone after being programmed on the UCx. This issue is now fixed.

Support for 5046 expansion module

Fixed in firmware load and expansion module load

The 5046 expansion module running XSTIM firmware only supports 20 keys, it does not support the page key.

Blank Frozen Screen

Fixed in firmware load​

If the screen is blank and frozen, to recover, press and hold the Conference button until you are prompted for the password. Press the Back softkey to return to the main menu and the phone will reconnect to the UCx Server. This issue is now fixed.

Wireless Headset Support

Fixed in firmware load​

Transfer Button Support

Fixed in firmware load​

The Transfer  button on the phone (second button from the bottom, leftside of keypad) does not work. This issue is now fixed and the key will act like a Transfer key.

Voice Quality

Fixed in firmware load​

If you continue to experience voice quality issues on your calls, please perform the following steps to assist in troubleshooting the issue:

  1. From the phone's web interface, navigate to Management -> Tools page.
  2. Under Pcap Feature, click the Start button.
  3. Continue your conversation until the voice quality issue goes away.
  4. Click the Stop button to stop the capture.
  5. Click the Export button to download the file.
  6. Send the downloaded pcapture file to E-MetroTel support, with a description of the call scenario including information like:
    • Caller phone number, is the caller number internal or external or cell phone.
    • Callee phone number, is the callee number internal or external or cell phone.
    • Date and time of call
    • Describe the quality issue, for example: static, crackling, robotic, underwater, echo, choppy, clipped, muffled, too loud, too soft, etc.


  • Use of LED on BLF keys
  • Support Local Directory
  • Support Nortel Tones and Cadences
  • Support long labels and wallpaper