XSTIM - No Touch Cloud Provisioning

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Prerequisites
3. Accessing the Provisioning Tool
4. Adding Phones

5. Updating Phones

6. Filtering Phones
7. Deleting Phones
8. Retrieving Configuration Files
9. Configuring Nortel Extensions

1. Introduction

E-MetroTel's No-Touch Cloud XSTIM phone provisioning allows customers to activate and pre-configure XSTIM phones using a new Cloud Phone Provisioning Tool located on the E-MetroTel Partner Portal web site. Plug-in the phones into the LAN with internet access and the phones will retrieve their respective configuration files from the E-MetroTel Cloud repository servers. Easy!

Access to the XSTIM Provisioning Tool is provided to our valued partners who have access to E-MetroTel's Partner Portal.

2. Prerequisites

  • Access to E-MetroTel's Partner Portal.
  • The phone is connected to a network with internet access.
    NOTE: If your network is configured with DHCP Option 66 to retrieve configuration files from an internal server, this needs to be temporarily disabled to allow the phones to retrieve configuration files from E-MetroTel's public repository.
  • The XSTIM Infinity Phone must be on firmware version or higher.
    NOTE: If the phone does not have the latest firmware release, as long as the firmware server path and the configuration server path fields are set to their default values, on boot-up it will automatically retrieve and update itself to the latest firmware and then proceed to retrieve the configuration file. The default server paths out-of-box are:
    • Firmware Server Path = repo.uc-x.org/infinity.fw
    • Configuration Server Path = repo.uc-x.org/infinity.cfg
  • The Serial number and MAC address of the phone(s) must be registered in the E-MetroTel database. If you see an error indicating the Serial Number cannot be found, please contact us at [email protected] providing the MAC address and Serial number of the phone in question.

3. Accessing the Provisioning Tool

Login to the Partner Portal with your partner account. (https://www.emetrotel.com/online-partner-portal/)

From the Partner Portal, click on the Infinity Phones Provisioning icon.

Phone List

The default screen shows a list of the phones that have been added to the tool. Only the phones that belong to the reseller(s) that your account is associated with will be listed.

4. Adding Phones

IMPORTANT: The UCx server that the phones will be connecting to must be already activated and have an active assurance service contract.

4.1. Required Information

There are two key fields that are required to add a phone to the tool:

  • MAC Address of the infinity phone. The MAC Address of the infinity phone can be read/ scanned from the box or from the back of the phone.
  • UCX SN - Serial Number of the UCx that the phone will connect to.

The rest of the fields are optional.

Field Default value
S1 IP and S2 IP
S1 Port and S2 Port 7000
S1 Retry Number and S2 Retry Number 1
Firmware Upgrade Mode 3 (HTTPS)
Firmware Server Path repo.uc-x.org/infinity.fw
Configuration Server Path repo.uc-x.org/infinity.cfg
Admin Password  
WAN Port Active  
WAN Priority  
PC Port Active  
DHCP VLAN Active  

NOTE: Leave the Admin Password field blank, unless you want to change the admin password.

4.2 Adding Phones from GUI

To add one phone at a time, click on the Add tab at the top left of the page.

  1. Select the reseller from the Reseller Name drop-down list.
  2. Enter the MAC Address of the phone. The field accepts values with or without colons.
  3. Enter the UCX SN of the UCx Server that the phone will be connecting to.
  4. Update the rest of the fields as needed.
  5. Click the  ADD  button to add the phone.

4.3 Importing Phones via CSV file

To bulk add a list of phones, use the Import function.

You can get a template of the CSV file by using the Export function. If the list is empty, the exported file will contain all the field headings that you can use as a template. The last 3 columns in the exported file template can be removed or they will be ignored.
Only the first two columns are mandatory (MAC Address, UCX SN), the rest are optional. If the optional columns are not present in the file, the default values will be used.

Export function

To export the phone list:

  1. Click on the Export link on the top right of the page.
  2. From the Export page, select the Reseller Name from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the  DOWNLOAD  button.
  4. Save the file to the desired location.

Import function

To import the phone list:

  1. Click on the Import link on the top right of the page.
  2. From the Import page, select the Reseller Name from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Choose File and select the CSV file that contains the phone list.
  4. Click the  UPLOAD  button.

5. Updating Phones

From the Summary page, there are two ways to make changes to the phones in the list:

  • One phone at a time
  • Bulk update

5.1 Update One Phone

From the Phone List, click on the Serial Number link of the desired phone.

From the Phone Details page, modify the desired fields and click on the  APPLY  button to save the changes.

Note that the Activation and Expiry Dates cannot be modified. The phone is activated when it is added to the Tool.

5.2 Bulk Update

The phone(s) can also be updated from the Summary page by selecting the desired phones and using the UPDATE function on the page.

  1. Select the phone(s) by clicking on the checkbox beside the phone(s), or click on the checkbox in the header to select all phones in the list.
  2. Update the desired fields in the area beneath the Phone List.
  3. Fields that are left blank will not be updated, that is, the field will retain its current value.
  4. Click on the  UPDATE  button.

6. Filtering Phones

The Summary page has a search function to help filter phones in the list. The first step is to select the Search by field from the drop-down list:

  • Serial Number
  • MAC Address
  • Phone Type
  • Parent SN (this is the UCX SN)

Then enter a full or partial value in the Search field and click on the  SEARCH  button.

To clear the search, click on the  RESET  button.

7. Deleting Phones

To delete phone(s) from the Phone List:

  • Navigate to the Summary page,
  • Select the phone(s) by clicking on the checkbox beside the phone(s), or click on the checkbox in the header to select all phones in the list.
  • Click on the  DELETE  button.

8. Retrieving Configuration Files

When a phone is added to the Provisioning Tool, the corresponding configuration file is created and placed on the E-MetroTel public repository. Any changes made in the Provisioning Tool will be reflected immediately in the configuration file on the public repository. The most important thing is the phone must be configured to retrieve via HTTP or HTTPS from the E-MetroTel public server:

  • Firmware Upgrade Mode = 1 (HTTP) or 3 (HTTPS)
  • Configuration Server Path = repo.uc-x.org/infinity.cfg 

When the phone is power cycled, it will then retrieve its own configuration file.

9. Configuring Nortel Extensions

With the XSTIM infinity phones auto-provisioned to connect to the UCx Server, the next step is to associate the physical phone with the Nortel extension on the UCx.

See Bulk Add Nortel Extensions page to create multiple extensions based on a template.

See also Set Based Configuration page where endusers can associate their physical phone with their own extension.