XSTIM - Phone User Interface (5006 / 5010)

Table of Contents

1. Accessing Phone Menu
2. Phone Menu Layout
3. Common Usage

1. Accessing Phone Menu

There are two ways to access the phone menu. The default password for Advanced Setting is admin (2-3-6-444-66) or 363870835 (press 2nd softkey to change input mode to 123).

Method 1: During Bootup

During the boot up process, when the E-MetroTel logo is displayed, you have 5 seconds to press the 4 softkeys from left to right in sequence. The display will prompt for the password.

Method 2: Conference button

When the phone is idle, double press the Conference  button to access the phone menu.

2. Phone Menu Layout

MENU SUBMENU SubSubMenu Description
BASIC - Status Information   Displays the Phone model, IP address, MAC address, Firmware loads etc.
BASIC - Sleep Mode Sleep Mode   XSTIM - Sleep mode
ADVANCED - Server Server Information   To configure the UCX server information.
ADVANCED - AP Firmware Upgrade   To configure the firmware mode and firmware server path.
ADVANCED - Network WAN Port IP Port Mode Select from options: IPv4 | IPv6 | IPv4 & IPv6
  IPv4 Set to: DHCP or Static IP Address or PPPoE
  IPv6 Set to: DHCP or Static IP Address
  WAN HTTP Access Enable/disable WAN HTTP access
PC Port   To configure PC Port as: Bridge, Router or Connect to Expansion Module
Vlan   To configure Vlan settings.
Webserver   To disable/enable web interface access and type: HTTP&HTTPS | HTTP Only | HTTPS Only | Off
802.1x   Enable/disable 802.1 mode.
DHCP Vlan   Enable/disable DHCP Vlan.
LLDP   Enable/disable LLDP and settings.
CDP   Enable/disable CDP and settings.
ADVANCED - Factory Factory Function   XSTIM - Factory Function

3. Common Usage

3.1 BASIC - Status - Information

This page is typically used to determine the IP address assigned to the phone. Also useful to obtain the MAC address of the phone for configuration in the UCX.

ADVANCED - Server - Server Information

Configuring the UCX Server IP address and Port number is a MUST for any XSTIM phone.
This is the first page to enter when configuring an XSTIM phone for the very first time.

ADVANCED - AP - Firmware Upgrade

This page is used to configure the firmware and configuration server addresses and also to toggle between SIP and XSTIM firmware mode.

ADVANCED - Network - Setting DHCP or Static IP Address

By default, the phone is configured to obtain its IP address via DHCP.
To change the mode to Static IP Address, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Network -> WAN Port page
  2. Go to IPv4 and press the Enter softkey.
  3. From this page you can select DHCP mode, Static mode or PPPE mode.
  4. To change the mode to Static, select Static mode and press the Enter softkey.
  5. Enter all the required fields like IP, Netmask, Gateway, etc. and press the Save softkey.

ADVANCED - Network - Webserver

By default, the web interface to the phone should be enabled. However if you have trouble accessing the web interface, check this page to ensure the Webserver Type is NOT disabled.

ADVANCED - Network - PC Port

By default, the PC port is set to Bridge mode. If using the PC port to connect to the expansion module 5046, then change the PC Port setting to Connect to module.