XSTIM - Registration (5004 / 5008)

Here are the basic steps required to register the phone to the UCx server.

STEP ONE: Access the XSTIM phone menu

Connect the PoE enabled phone to the network and power up the phone.
There are 3 methods to access the phone's configuration menu.

Method 1 - During bootup

  1. Observe the phone's bootup process and wait for the E-MetroTel logo.
  2. When you see the E-MetroTel logo displayed on the LCD screen, you have 5 seconds to press the 4 softkeys from left to right in sequence. ((located just under the LCD screen)
  3. When prompted for the password, enter the admin password, default value is admin (2-3-6-444-66) followed by the Enter softkey.

Method 2 - Unconfigured phone

This method is applicable only when the server information on the phone is empty. This would typically apply to a brand new phone.

  1. When the phone has completed its bootup process and the server information is empty, you will see the following message on the screen.
  2. Press the Configure softkey.
  3. When prompted for the password, enter the admin password, default value is admin (2-3-6-444-66) followed by the Enter softkey.

Method 3: Hold button

This method can be used anytime when the phone is in the idle state.

  1. Double press the Hold button to access the phone menu.
  2. When prompted for the password, enter the admin password, default value is admin (2-3-6-444-66) followed by the Enter softkey.

STEP TWO: Configure Server Info

Once you have successfully entered the phone menu, you can now proceed with the following.

IP Address

To obtain the IP address of the phone, proceed to the STATUS submenu.
Here you can discover information related to the phone like: Phone model, IP address, MAC address, Firmware loads etc.

Take note of the IP address as you will need the IP address to access the phone's web interface.

Server Info

Navigate to the SERVER submenu. Configure the following:

  • S1 IP = IP address of the UCx Server (default is
  • S1 Port = Port number for Nortel phones (default is 7000)

Press the Save button and exit the phone menu. The phone will now connect to the configured UCx Server.

STEP THREE: Assign Nortel Extension

Once the phone is connected to the UCx Server, the following screen is displayed. You can now configure the extension or hotdesk to an extension.

To configure the phone, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the Config softkey.
  2. Enter the Set Based Configuration password (default is 82950) and press the Enter softkey.
  3. Enter the Extension number to be assigned to this phone and press the Enter softkey.
  4. The phone is now configured as a Nortel extension.