XSTIM - Web User Interface (5006 / 5010)


IMPORTANT: The Infinity phone MUST be on the latest XSTIM firmware version or higher.

Accessing Web Interface

First obtain the IP address of the Infinity phone:

  1. From the phone, double press the Conference  button until the display prompts for the password, enter default password admin or 363870835.
  2. Select Status and take note of the IP address displayed under the IPV4 field.
  3. From a web browser, enter the IP address noted above.
  4. Login to the web interface using the default username admin and default password admin or 363870835.


The home page provides a status summary of the phone that includes information like: model, firmware version, server, network, memory and uptime.


Network - Basic

The basic network properties typically do not need to be changed. By default the phone will obtain its network configuration from a DHCP server.

To configure static Primary DNS and Secondary DNS, toggle the Static DNS field to Yes first.

Note that the Primary DNS and Secondary DNS values will be used (if configured) if Static IP Address is selected regardless of whether Static DNS is set to Yes or No.


Network - PC Port

The user can plug a PC into the PC port on the back of the phone and share the network connection. Keep the default PC Port configuration: As Bridge.

If connecting Infinity 5046 expansion module to the phone, the PC Port MUST be set to: Connect to Expansion Module.

Network - Advanced

Web Server Type If the value is set to Disabled, you will lose access to the Web Interface.



The supported fields are listed in this table.

Web Language Changes the language for the web interface
LCD Font Size Controls the font size of text displayed on the screen.
Handsfree AGC

Automatica Gain Control is set to Enable by default. It automatically adjusts the audio level when when it is too loud or too soft. This applies to Handset and Handsfree mode.

Set to Disable if manually adjusting the send volumes for Handset or Handsfree.

Volume Amplification
Handset Send Volume
Headset Send Volume
Handsfree Send Volume
To increase the volume, set to postive dB.
To decrease the volume, set to negative dB.
Call Waiting Tone Volume When Talking To adjust the volume of the call waiting notification tone when you are active on a call.
Backlight Inactive Level Light intensity when backlight is inactive.
Backlight Active Level Light intensity when backlight is active.
Backlight Time Backlight time out in seconds. 0 means never timeout.
Screen Time Out Screen time out in minutes. Off means never timeout.
Expansion screensaver time Not used. Reserved.
Text Logo Text to be displayed when in screensaver mode. Text can be multiple lines, use semi-colon ; for a new line. Text is displayed only when screensaver type is time & logo
Screensaver Type Select the screensaver type or the screensaver photo.
Upload Screen Photo Upload your own photo to be used as screensaver. Select the photo and click the Upload button.
Screensaver Photo Select the screensaver photo to delete and click the Delete button.

Sleep Mode

The Sleep Mode feature provides protection to the LCD screen by putting the screen to sleep when the phone is not in used.

The feature is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. It is an important feature to protect and extend the life of the LCD screen.

The sleep mode activates after a certain period of inactivity, this timeout period has 2 settings:

  • Office Hour Timeout - timeout period in minutes during office hours (default 60 minutes)
  • Free Hour Timeout - timeout period in minutes after office hours (default 10 minutes)

The Office hours are configurable from Monday to Sunday, accepted values are from 00 to 23 (default is 07 - 21).


The Directory page is currently not supported. It is reserved for future use.


Management - Password

The default admin password can be changed here.

Management - Upgrade

Reset to Factory: This page can be used to reset the phone's configuration back to the factory default. It will not change the firmware.
ROM Firmware Upgrade: The phone's firmware can be manually updated here.
Make sure you clear the Firmware Server Path and Config Server Path on the Auto Provision page first before performing the manual firmware upgrade here.

Management - Auto Provision

Configure the phone to automatically retrieve the latest configuration file and firmware from the E-MetroTel repository.

Upgrade Mode HTTP
Firmware Server Path repo.uc-x.org/infinity.fw
Config Server Path repo.uc-x.org/infinity.cfg
AUTO Upgrade Yes
Check for upgrade every 10080 Minutes (7 days) is the default. Change as desired.
Upgrade Check Mode Always Check For New Firmware

Management - Configuration

The Device XML and Device BIN files can be downloaded and saved, then restored on the same phone or another phone. When naming the device configuration file, DO NOT use spaces. The restore will not work if there are spaces in the filename.

The System Log file can be downloaded and is useful for troubleshooting purposes.

Management - Tools

Pcap Feature can be used to capture network packets for troubleshooting purposes.

Lcd Screen takes a snapshot of the phone's LCD screen and saves it as a BMP file on the user's computer.

Management - Restart

Management - Reboot