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InfinityOne is E-MetroTel's framework for the next generation of unified communications clients, providing team collaboration tools and applications for businesses of all sizes. The vision is to provide a set of modern features and tools for the evolving company integrated into one extensible frame work that includes:

  • An enterprise class web-based telephone that is available anywhere your employees have an Internet connection
  • Share important messaging conversations that would normally be hidden in point to point conversations with tools like SMS and Skype
  • Choose the most effective method of communication by checking their on-line or on-the-phone presence
  • Upload, search and download documents, images, videos, and audio files in chat rooms and share with the rest of your team
  • Start private conversations with direct messaging
  • Pin important messages for quick access for everyone
  • Star important messages for your quick reference
  • Track popularity of messages with message reactions and see who reacted
  • Never miss an important message with an advanced notification framework that provides audible, desktop, SMS, and email notifications. Control the noise by customizing the notifications on a room by room basis.
  • Highly configurable authorization policies including custom permissions and roles
  • Highly configurable with embedded, permissions-based administration screen
  • Available on all UCx platforms and E-MetroTel's cloud hosted service

And the best part is that the data is safe with encrypted connections between your browser and the server. All the data is stored on your own server, not on someone else's cloud.

InfinityOne Package

The InfinityOne package (infinity_one) is incompatible with the WebRTC package (mscs). With the introduction of InfinityOne, the standalone WebRTC application is not supported, WebRTC client will be supported as part of InfinityOne.
If you have the mscs package already installed from Release 5, please uninstall mscs first before installing the infinity_one package.

The first step to installing InfinityOne is to install the infinity_one package on the UCx Server:

  1. Login to the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the System tab, select Updates
  3. From the left side column, select Packages
  4. Click on Show Filter
  5. Under Status pull-down, select All
  6. In the Name field, enter infinity_one
  7. Click on the Install link to install the infinity_one package​

Installation Wizard

To access InfinityOne from a web browser, enter 'https://' followed by the IP address or hostname of the UCx Server, then suffix with ' :21326 '.
For example:

Alternatively, InfinityOne can be accessed without the port number and appending a trailing ' /infinityone '.
For example:

The application does not provision any default user when installed for security reasons. Instead, the first time you visit the site in your browser, you will be taken to an installation wizard.

Step 1 - Site URL / Host Name

The first page of the wizard allows you to change the host name / IP address that users will use to access the system.

The field will be prepopulated with the IP/host name that you used to get to the wizard. It this is the same IP/Host that you will use, keep the default. 
However, if you are accessing the application for the first time from an internal IP that users will not normally use, then enter a different value here. The value should be the address used to create links in the outgoing email for invitations, registrations, confirmations, and password resets. 

Step 2 - Administrator Account

The administration account you complete here does not require confirmation. So, once you have submitted the wizard, you can log in right away using the username and password configured here. 

Step 3 - Default Channel

You will also be able to change the name of the first channel (room). The default is “general”. Keep it or change it. 

Step 4 - Sending Email Settings

InfinityOne uses the email server built into the UCx. You can change the name and email address that the emailer will use in the From field of the outgoing emails.

Step 5 - Summary of Your Input

Review the information and click on the SUBMIT button to complete the installation.

Step 6 - Complete

You can now click on the Login Here link to access the InfinityOne application.

First Time Login

Login using the administrator account that was created via the installation wizard.

After logging in for the first time, restart the server as per instructions from the installation wizard. To restart the application:

  1. Click on the account box (top left where your username and avatar is shown)
  2. Select: Administration -> General
  3. Click RESTART THE SERVER button

If you selected the Remember Me? box on the login page, you should automatically be taken back into the application after it restarts (about a minute or so).

Adding Users

There are three methods to add users.

Method 1: Self Registration

Send the InfinityOne URL to all users. (For example:
The URL will take users to the login page. Users can click on the Register a new account link on the login page to register themselves.

This feature can be disabled under Administration -> Accounts -> Registration.

Method 2: By Invitation

This method is currently not working. Please use methods 1 & 3 as a temporary workaround.

Login using the administrator account.
Under Administration -> Users, you will find a paper airplane icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Clicking the icon will take you to a page where you can enter a list of email addresses.

The system will send out an invitation to each email with a link to register. The link will take them to the registration page.
After registration is complete, the user will receive a confirmation email that must be confirmed by clicking the confirmation link.

Future Enhancements:

  • Capability to disable the confirmation email option

Remind users to check their spam and junk folders, very often these confirmation emails are filtered by the email servers.

Method 3: Add User

Login using the administrator account.
Under Administration -> Users, you will find a plus icon on the top right corner of the screen.
Clicking the icon will open up a form for adding the user.

This third method allows you to set the confirmed status and send a welcome email. However, the administrator will need to enter a password (or generate a random password) and communicate the password to the user separately.
The advantage of this approach is that you do not have to worry about people finding the invitation and confirmation emails in there spam folder.

It is recommended to setup one additional user as an administrator. This is your backup administrator in case you forget the administrator password and cannot recover it.

Setting Up UCx to allow Telephony on the InfinityOne Desktop Client

Step One: Enable ICE support and Install DTLS Certificate

To allow the UCx InfinityOne Desktop Client client to make and receive calls, you need to first enable ICE support and install the DTLS certificate.

You can skip this step if WebRTC was previously installed and configured already.

Enable ICE support
  1. Open the UCx Web based configuration utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select PBX Configuration
  3. From the left side column, select Advanced Settings
  4. Scroll down to the Media Settings section
  5. Set ICE Support Enabled to True
  6. Enter the STUN Server Hostname (Note: you can use a public STUN server, for example:
  7. Click on the green check icon  to save the change
  8. Click on the Apply Config bar at the top to apply the changes
Install DTLS Certificate

Before continuing with the steps below, ensure your UCx server is connected to the internet and a valid DNS server is configured. (See Network Parameters for details.)

  1. From the Security tab, select Certificates
  2. From the left side column, select DTLS Certificate
  3. Press the Generate button to retrieve the certificate
  4. All WebRTC clients connected to the UCx will now be allowed to make and receive calls.

Step Two: Configure InfinityOne Desktop Client extensions and Set Based Configuration

To allow users to have a Softphone within InfinityOne, configure the following:

  1. Create WebRTC extensions for each of the users on the UCx Server. (Nortel extensions with Device Type = WebRTC)
  2. Enable Set Based Configuration on the UCx Server. (See Set Based Configuration for details).

Communicate the following information to each user:

  1. WebRTC extension number for the user.
  2. Set Based Configuration password.

Each user can then enable and register their own Softphone.

  1. User logs in to InfinityOne.
  2. Click on the Account Box (top left corner).
  3. Select My Account -> Phone
  4. Enter the Extension Number to enable the Presence and Click to Call feature.
  5. Click on the SAVE CHANGES button.
  6. Switch on the Enable Softphone toggle.
  7. The page will automatically refresh and return to the home page.
  8. Click on any channel on the left navigation panel to display the right icon bar.
  9. Click on the Phone icon  on the right icon bar to access the Softphone.
  10. Use Set Based Configuration to register the phone.

Roles and Permissions

  • You can create new roles or change permissions to the various roles under Administration -> Permissions
  • From the permissions page, you can click the top of the admin column and a new page will be presented where you can search for users and add them to the role.
  • The legacy WebRTC softclient (old) users configured on the UCx Server under System -> Users, are not used by InfinityOne.

Known Issues

  • Deleting users is not currently supported. (Disable them instead)
  • Do NOT login to the same account on multiple devices. This is not currently supported and will result in undesirable behaviour.
  • Some limited actions can cause the page to reload which will drop any active calls.
  • Some permissions are not checked properly, especially it the default permissions are changed. Specifically the admin only related permissions.
  • Only Google Chrome and Chrome Canary browsers are supported.
  • The InfinityOne Desktop Client is not yet supported on mobile devices, but the chat part of the app may work reasonably.
  • There are a few issues with clearing the unread messages status and related banners under some scenarios.
  • There is no backup/restore feature of the database yet.
  • Video calls are not yet supported. Do NOT enable the feature in Administration -> WebRTC
  • Method 2 for adding users via email invitation is currently not working. Use methods 1 and 3 as a temporary workaround.
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