DG - Overview

UCx Digital Gateway allows reuse of Nortel's Norstar/BCM digital phones as TDM devices with a UCx Server.

Norstar/BCM digital phones work with UCx Server through the Digital Gateway, keeping their original phone user interfaces and having extended VoIP feature capabilities from the UCx Server.

The UCx Digital Gateway functionality is delivered in two ways:

  1. Digital Gateway Server purchased from E-MetroTel that includes hardware and software for Norstar, BCM200, BCM400 and BCM1000.
  2. Solid State Drive (SSD) with UCx software purchased from E-MetroTel to convert existing BCM50 or BCM450 systems to a Digital Gateway.

If you have a Norstar system, BCM200, BCM400 or BCM1000, you will need to go with the first method.

This guide covers topics that include the installation of UCx SSD in a BCM50 or BCM450 system, configuration of the system and maintenance of the UCx software.

UCx Digital Gateway (DGHb)

BCM50 Digital Gateway (DGS)

BCM450 Digital Gateway (DGS2)