Quick Access Tools

Located on the right side of the screen of the Web/Desktop interface, there is a vertical icon bar that provides quick access to the following functions:  
On the Mobile client, many of these functions are located on the Actions menu, accessed by clicking the channel, room, or direct message title at the top of the screen when viewing that channel, room, or direct message. iPhoneActionsMenu.png



Displays information and settings for the Room. You can change the room settings here and also delete the room.

The Room Info cannot currently be accessed by the mobile client, however, You can configure channels as Public / Private and Read only when you first create a channel.


Allows you to search for messages in the current room that matches the search text. You can search using RegExp, e.g. /^text/.

The Search icon is located on the title bar of the room, channel, or direct message you are viewing.

Members List  

Displays the list of members who have joined the Channel or Private Group.

User Info  

Displays information about the user in a Direct Messages Channel.  In the mobile interface you can get User Info by touching a user Avatar on any of the screens where they are visible, other than the entry Messages page.


To configure the notification settings for the room.

Files List 

Displays the list of attachments that have been uploaded for the room.


Displays the list of messages where you have been mentioned.

Starred Messages 

Displays the list of starred messages. Starred messages are personal, only you can see them.

Pinned Messages 

Displays the list of pinned messages. Pinned messages are public, can be viewed by all members of the room.

Device Settings 

To configure the input/output audio and video devices used by the application.

The mobile client uses a combination of the native device speaker/headset controls and the buttons on the softphone to control when to use normal phone operation, speaker phone, or headset (including Bluetooth headsets).


Displays the Softphone that is used for making phone calls.

Web/Desktop interface

Softphone must first be enabled to access this feature. To enable Softphone:

  • Click on the Account Box (top left corner)
  • Select My Account -> Phone
  • Switch on the Enable Softphone toggle

Mobile Interface

There is no need to enable the softphone on the mobile app - it is always accessible using the  iPhoneSoftphoneIcon.pngsoftphone icon on the bottom right corner of the main Messages screen.

Client Settings 

The client settings icon is visible only when the Softphone is displayed on the Web/Desktop interface.. The form allows you to configure the theme and number of keys for your Softphone.