Supported Hardware and Capacity

Supported Hardware

The DSM16 Module is a standalone hardware chassis, while the DSM16P is a plug-in card that is supported in the Galaxy Expand and Galaxy Express chassis developed by E-MetroTel to interface with Nortel/Avaya digital telephones and interface to UCX server software.

Note that each individual DSM16P card can only support digital phones from either the Norstar / BCM grouping, the Meridian 1 / CS1000 grouping, or hte Avaya grouping at the same time.

Norstar / BCM Phones support on the DSM16 Module and DSM16P Card:

The current release of the DSM16 Module supports the following Nortel/Avaya BCM/Norstar digital phones and devices:

  • M7100
  • M7208
  • M7310
  • M7324
  • CAP (Central Answering Position)
  • T7100
  • T7208
  • T7316
  • T7316E
  • T7406
  • T7406E
  • T24 KIM (Key Indicator Module)
  • Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit
  • ATA2

Meridian 1 / CS1000 Digital Phones Supported on the DSM16P Card

The DSM16P Card supports the following Nortel Meridian 1 / CS1000 digital phones in addition to all the digital phones listed above for the DSM16 Module.

  • M3901
  • M3902
  • M3903
  • M3904
  • M3905
  • M2006
  • M2008
  • M2216
  • M2616

Avaya Digital Phones Supported on the DSM16P Card

The following Avaya digital phones are supported on the DSM16P Card:

  • 9504
  • 9508
Note: These sets require a minimum Avaya firmware version 0.55 (date 05/12/13).

Supported Capacity

The maximum capacity supported by one UCX Digital Station Module (DSM16) module or card is 16 telephone sets.  Expansion beyond this capacity is achieved by deploying multiple DSM16s.

The DSM16 is non-blocking, meaning that all 16 connected sets may be used concurrently.  

Multiple UCX Digital Station Modules and Network Deployments

For configurations that require more than the supported capacity, multiple DSM16 Modules or Cards may be deployed up to the maximum licensed capacity of the UCX system.

DSM16 Modules or Cards can be deployed in the Local Area Network (LAN) and/or the Wide Area Network (WAN) effectively scaling this solution to multiple locations that are using Nortel/Avaya digital telephones.

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