System Features and Applications


User Guide for UCx Voicemail

User Extension Portal

This is the enduser manual for the UCx User Extension Portal.

Virtual Fax

User Guide for UCx Virtual Fax


Alllows screening of calls from incoming routes. Any blacklisted number will be applied to all active inbound routes.

Call Timer

Shows duration of a call.

Call Trace

Call Trace provides information about the last call.

Caller ID Blocking

To block the Caller Name and ID for the next outbound call.

Dictation Service

Dictation Service allows a user to dictate a letter via the telephone and send the letter as an audio file to another user to be typed up and/or transcribed.

Follow Me

Follow Me provides the ability to ring multiple extensions and/or external phone numbers simultaneously or in sequence.


Allows you to temporarily assign an extension to a phone that normally uses another extension or does not have any extension assigned.

Speak your Extension

To have the system announce your extension number.

Speak Time (Speaking Clock)

To have the system announce the current system time.

Static Time and Date

To always display time and date on the phone's display screen.

Stamp Log

To create a timestamp log entry for troubleshooting purposes.

Wake Up Call

To schedule a reminder or wake-up call.