Trunk Providers

This page is replaced by IP Trunk Assistant from Release 5.0 and up

The Trunk Providers page offers simplified IP trunk configuration. This page shows a list of currently configured trunk accounts with the capability to create, update and/or delete SIP/IAX trunks as well as the ability to enable/disable them.

To open the page, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select Trunk Providers


Create a New Account

To add a new account, perform the following steps:

  1. Press the New Account button
  2. Enter a unique name for this account in the Account Name field (it is recommended to NOT use spaces in the name)
  3. Select your IP trunk provider in the Trunk Provider drop down list box
  4. If this is a registration based account, then
    • Enter the user name that you received from the trunk provider in the Username field
    • Enter the password that you received from the trunk provider in the Secret field
  5. If this is a IP based account, then the two fields Username and Secret are disabled.
  6. Optionally, you can enter the desired outbound caller ID number in the Outbound CallerID field
  7. If your provider has multiple servers and you want (or have to) use a specific server, go to the Configuration Details box and enter the hostname or IP address of the server in the Host / IP field.
  8. Press the Save button to create the new trunk provider account  The corresponding trunk is immediately created and enabled (there is no need to go to the PBX Configuration page to apply configuration changes).


When you select a provider from the Trunk Provider drop down list box, the configuration details for the selected provider is automatically pre-filled with default values. These default values have been verified and tested by E-MetroTel.  The only exception is when you select custom, then you will have to manually fill in the correct configuration details.

If you decide to change some of the pre-configured defaults, please make sure you understand the purpose of the modified fields and values you entered.


The Trunk Providers page can now be used to manage the created accounts:

  • To delete an account, select the checkbox on the left side of the account list and press the Delete button
  • To edit configuration details, select the Edit link in the Action column
  • To enable or disable the account, select the Disable/Enable link in the Action column

If your trunk provider does not appear in the Trunk Provider drop down list box, you can add trunks from other providers by selecting custom in the Trunk Provider field.

Video Tutorial