Before you start configuring your UC 202, plug the Ethernet cable to the WAN port located behind the phone and connect it to your network.

Accessing the System Menu on the phone

To access the system menu on the UC 202, press the OK button twice.

The WAN IP will be listed, take note of this IP address.

Accessing the Web Admin Interface

Once you have obtained the IP address assigned to the phone, open a web browser and type in the IP address.

Login to the Web Admin Interface using the default user admin and password admin.

Configuring Basic parameters of the phone

After you login, you will be presented with the Basic -> Status page.

Click on the Wizard tab at the top and proceed to configure the phone using the Wizard provided.

You can keep the default WAN Connection Mode as DHCP and press the Next button.

The information you will need to provide on the second page of the Wizard are:

  • Display Name - Enter your desired display name
  • Server Address - Enter the UCX server IP address or the hostname
  • Server Port - The default port is 5060, change this if your system is using a different port
  • Authentication User - Enter the extension of the phone
  • Authentication Password - Enter the secret configured for this extension
  • SIP User - Enter the extension of the phone

Select the Enable Registration checkbox and press the Next button.

After you complete the configuration using the Wizard, the phone will Reboot.

Other recommended configuration

Setting the Timezone

Go to the Network -> Time&Date page, there are a few parameters on this page that you can configure:

  1. Enable SNTP and enter the SNTP Server address
  2. Select the Timezone for your location
  3. Select the 12-Hour Clock checkbox if you want to change it from the default 24-Hour clock
  4. Select your preferred Date Format

Setting the Tone Standard

Go to the Phone -> Audio page, change the default Tone Standard to match your location/country.


If you are having difficulty getting the phone to register to the UCx server, check the log messages under the Support tab. These log messages will show the communication between the phone and UCx server, it can help identify problems with registration.

See Support. for details.