UCx MADN Solution

Feature Description

The UCx MADN (Multiple Appearance Directory Number) Solution allows an extension number to appear in more than one phone. The scenarios when this solution is applicable includes:

  • Having multiple phones provide visual indication when a line is in use
  • Having multiple phones answer an inbound call to the same extension number
  • Having one phone monitor usage of multiple lines
  • Having one phone answer inbound calls to different extensions numbers

Use Case Scenario One - Admin phone monitoring multiple Boss lines


In this scenario, Boss #1 has 2 phones with the following extensions:

  • Phone 1, Key 0 - Primary extension 2000
  • Phone 1, Key 2 - DID extension 2001
  • Phone 2, analog phone with extension 2002

The Admin has one phone with the following keys:

  • Key 0 - Primary extension 3000
  • Key 5 - Boss extension 2000
  • Key 6 - Boss extension 2001
  • Key 7 - Boss extension 2002

When the Boss is active on any of the phone lines, the Admin can visually see on the Admin's own phone. Any incoming call to the Boss lines can also be answered by the Admin.
As long as there are enough keys on the Admin's Nortel phone, the Admin can monitor line appearances for Boss #2, Boss #3, etc. in the same manner.


On the Admin's Nortel phone, two types of keys can be programmed to monitor the Boss extensions: a Ringing BLF (Busy Lamp Field) or a non-ringing BLF key.

To have a non-ringing BLF key, configure xxxxB in the Digits field (where xxxx is the Boss extension) and enter an appropriate Label.
To have a ringing BLF key, configure xxxxR in the Digits field (where xxxx is the Boss extension) and enter an appropriate Label.

Note that the additional line appearances of an extension can only be programmed on Nortel phones that support programmable key buttons.

Use Case Scenario Two - Emergency call alerting at multiple phones


In this scenario, a company has an emergency number (e.g. 2000) that users can dial in an emergency. All members of the emergency team will have their phone ring when a call is placed to the emergency number.

  • Primary emergency phone extension 2000
  • Additional emergency phone extensions 2001, 2002, 2003


Navigate to PBX -> PBX Configuration -> Follow Me page.
Select extension 2000 from the list on the right side column.

For Ring Strategy, select ringallv2.
In the Follow Me List, enter the extensions: 2001, 2002, 2003.
You can also enter a CID Name Prefix (e.g. EMER:), so the Calling ID name will be prefixed with "EMER:" when ringing extensions in the Follow Me List.

When a call is placed to the emergency number 2000, all emergency team member's phone will ring on their primary phone line. The Calling ID will also have the "EMER:" prefix to indicate that this is an emergency call.

Use Case Scenario Three - Multiple directory numbers on a single phone


In this scenario, different directory numbers are published for different services, however all inbound calls to these numbers will ring a single phone. For example, a laboratory has different numbers for their services, all calls to these services will be answered by the Front Desk phone:

  • 2000 - Front Desk main number
  • 2001 - Ultrasound
  • 2002 - Xray
  • 2003 - Mammogram


Navigate to the PBX -> PBX Configuration - Extensions (Nortel) page and create a Nortel virtual extension.
Fill in the following fields for the extension:

  • Extension number = 2001
  • Display name = Ultrasound
  • MAC Address = 0
  • Device type = Virtual

Create similar Nortel virtual devices for extensions 2002 and 2003.

On the main Front Desk Nortel extension 2000, program a ringing BLF key xxxxR for each of the virtual extensions:

  • 2001R
  • 2002R
  • 2003R

Any inbound call to extensions 2001, 2002 or 2003 will ring their respective keys on the Front Desk phone. For example, if someone dials 2002, key 3 on the phone will ring.

Note that the line appearances of virtual extensions can only be programmed on Nortel phones that support programmable key buttons.

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