Video Configuration

The Video Configuration page allows you to configure the connection from the Infinity Video Server to the InfinityOne application server and aspects of the actual video conference functionality. Refer to the Connecting the Infinity Video Server to the InfinityOne system documentation for more details on the setup including the InfinityOne server configuration. 


Conference Settings

Parameter Description
Start conference with participants muted If the checkbox is selected,all participants will automatically be muted when the enter the conference. They will be able to un-mute at any point in time after the conference has started.
Start conference with video disabled If the checkbox is selected,all participants will automatically be have their video camera disabled when the enter the conference. They will be able to turn the video on at any point in time after the conference has started..
Display Pre-Join page  
Enable Breakout rooms Allow or Disable Breakout rooms.
Call End Redirect URL Enter a valid URL that will be displayed in a user's browser window when they leave the video or when the video conference has ended. 

Recording Settings

Parameter Description
Enable Local Recording Allows a user to initiate a recording that will be stored locally on their PC.
Enable Server Recording Allows a Moderator to initiate a recording of a Video Conference session . Recordings will only capture the video from the moment the Start Record request is made.
Number of Recording instances Restricts the number of concurrent Server recordings that can be initiated. Note that Recording within the Video Server is very resource intensive. Proper resource allocation is required.

Note that the server will examine the available resources at the time of configuration to determine whether sufficient resources are available to allow a single video recording session to be configured. The server will also check at the time the Start Recording request is made during a session to ensure the session can sucessfully be recorded


Parameter Description
Disable JWT If the checkbox is selected, it will disable the use of JWT authentication. E-MetroTel recommends this remain enabled (un-checked). If the the use of JWT authentication is disabled, then the InfinityOne server must also be configured to not use JWT.
Allow Guests This setting controls whether non-InfinityOne users (within your company or external to the company) can join conferences. In most cases, this setting should be enabled (checked) so that people from outside your organization can join conferences when invited.
Enable Lobby by default Controls whether guest users join the video conference immediately. If checked, when Guests connect to the server, they will be only able to see there own camera view and the Moderator(s) will receive a message indicating their arrival.  One of the Moderators will need to grant them access into the conference.
Set JWT application ID Used to create a unique identifier. This field can be left blank to use the default value. If it is changed, then a corresponding change will be required on the InfinityOne settings.
Set JWT Secret Enter any text string that will also be used in the InfinityOne settings as a pre-shared secret between the Infinity Video Server and InfinityOne servers. E-MetroTel recommends creating a long random string since it can be copied directly between the two systems during the configuration. End-users do not need to know or use this string.


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