Appliance Quotes - General

Appliance Quotes

After selecting the Appliance icon, the Appliance page opens with a blank template as follows:


In most cases, the Reseller Name will be automatically selected when you log into the system based on your log-in credentials. However, if you represent more than one reseller in your E-MetroTel profile, then you must select the Reseller that you want to use for quoting this system.


Site Information

The Quote system is designed to be used for quoting a New System or for quoting additional capabilities for an Existing System.  You must choose between the two selections.

New System quotes

When quoting a new system you are required to input a Customer Name to be associated with this particular quote.


Existing System quotes

When quoting for an existing system, you must input the Serial Number associated with the existing system.  


Once you have selected New System or Existing System and filled in the required information, you may begin to edit the remaining portions of the quote.

You may include multiple quantities and multiple types of hardware, software, SIP Trunks, and Provisioning Services in a single quote. The quote tool does not validate quantities of any component based on other components. For example, you may enter a combination of one (1) Galaxy Mini and one (1) Galaxy 250,  and in the same quote enter a quantity of 200 Universal extensions. This provides an ability to create a single quote for multiple sites that may or may not have existing equipment.
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