Call Waiting

To use call waiting, your phone must be configured to have 2 or more line appearances (DN keys). When you have 2 or more DN keys and call waiting is enabled, you will receive additional incoming calls until there is no free DN key.

When call waiting is disabled, you will not receive incoming calls if you have a call on at least one of the DN keys - additional DN keys can be used only to make outgoing calls.

The Call Waiting feature is not supported on devices like analog phones that only support one line appearance.

To activate/deactivate Call Waiting

Feature Steps Notes
To activate Call Waiting  1. Dial *70 .  
To deactivate Call Waiting  1. Dial *71 .  

To answer a Call Waiting on another line


Phone Type Steps Notes
All phones 1. Press the Hold key to place the current call on hold.
2. Press the Line key of the additional incoming call to answer.