Deploying the UCX server in a Microsoft Hyper-V Environment


  • Microsoft Server 2012 R2 (Hyper-V)
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop and credentials to access the Hyper-V Environment


Step 1

Login to the Hyper-V Management console.

Step 2

Right mouse click on the Hyper-V host to be used to deploy the UCX Virtual Server and select Import Virtual Machine....

Step 3

Read the text and then press Next.

Step 4

Select the location of the folder that holds the contents of the ZIP file provided to you by E-MetroTel.

Step 5

Select the UCX Virtual Machine and press the Next button.

Step 6

Select Copy as the import type.

Step 7

Select the folders you want to use to store your virtual machines.

Step 8

Select the folders to store your virtual hard drive for this UCX server instance.

Step 9

Review your settings and then press Finish.

Step 10

Wait for the file copying to complete.

Step 11

The UCX Virtual Server will be added to your Virtual Machines list when the import completes.