Hospitality - General Settings

This page is used to configure the dial plan information that are used for guest room dialing and reporting to the HOBIC system. Voicemail password options and Log File settings are also configurable.


General Settings Parameters

Field Description
Country Code Enter the Country Code used to dial National calls (eg. 1 for North America)
Area Code Enter the local Area Code associated with the outbound trunks used for guest dialing (eg. 214 for Texas Plano
International Prefix Enter the International Prefix. These are the digits that guest would dial for making an outbound international call (eg. 011 for North American guests)
Dial Prefix Size The number of digits that are dialed by guests to access an outbound trunk for calls.
Dial Prefix in HOBIC Records Tells the UCX whether to Include the Dial Prefix string in the records sent to the HOBIC system or to Discard the Dial Prefix string from the records.
Default = Discard
Voicemail Password Indicate whether the guest voicemail password will be reset (Set to guest name) on new checkins, or if the password will remain the same (Do not change).  
Default = Set to guest name
Log Level Indicate the level of information to capture in the hospitailty.log file accessible through the Support / System Log Files page.
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