InfinityOne - Adding Users

Before You Begin

It is recommended to setup at least one additional user as an administrator. This is your backup administrator in case you forget the administrator password and cannot recover it or your administrator account is accidentally locked.

Default Roles and Channels

Depending on the method used to add a user, the default role assigned to the new user and the default channels joined depends on what is configured under Administration -> Accounts.

To view and make changes:

  1. Login using an administrator account.
  2. Navigate to Administration -> Account page.
  3. Click to  EXPAND  the Registration section.

Field Description
Default Registration Roles Default value is guest.
This is the default role when a user is added via Self-Registration.
Default Guest Account Rooms This is the list of default channels for guest accounts.
To remove all channels and leave it blank, enter a space character.
Default Invitation Roles Default value is user.
This is the default role when a user is added By Invitation.
Invited users join default channels Default value is True.
This is to allow invited users to automatically join the defined default channels.

Adding Users

InfinityOne accounts are required for each user connecting via the desktop application, mobile app, or web browser interface. In fact, a user can access InfinityOne from any of these interfaces with the same user account. For telephony applications, E-MetroTel strongly encourages using either the InfinityOne desktop application or the InfinityOne mobile app. An account must be created for each user regardless of which way they plan to access the InfinityOne server.

There are three methods to add users:

  1. Self-Registration
  2. By Invitation
  3. Add User

Method 1: Self Registration

Send the InfinityOne URL to all users. (For example:

  • The URL will take users to the login page.
  • Users can click on the Register a new account link on the login page to register themselves.

This feature can be disabled under Administration -> Accounts -> Registration, and selecting "Disabled" from the Registration Form dropdown.

You can control the privileges associated with Self Registration users and the channels that they have access to through the Default Registration Roles and the Default Guest Account Rooms fields. See section describing Default Roles and Channels.

Method 2: By Invitation

Login using the administrator account.
Under Administration -> Users, you will find a Invite Users  icon on the top right corner of the screen.
Clicking the icon will take you to a page where you can enter a list of email addresses (separated by a space).

  • The system will send out an invitation to each email with a link to register.
  • The link will take them to the registration page.
  • After registration is complete, the user will receive a confirmation email that must be confirmed by clicking the confirmation link.

iOneInstallerAddUsers2 (2).png

You may disable the confirmation email in the Administration -> Accounts -> Registration settings and changing the Require account confirmation field to False.

Remind users to check their spam and junk folders; very often these confirmation emails are filtered by the email servers.

Method 3: Add User

Login using the administrator account.
Under Administration -> Users, you will find an Add User  icon on the top right corner of the screen.
Clicking the icon will open up a form for adding the user.

This third method allows you to set the confirmed status and send a welcome email. However, the administrator will need to enter a password (or generate a random password) and communicate the password to the user separately. The advantage of this approach is that you do not have to worry about people finding the invitation and confirmation emails in their spam folder.

Field Description
Name User's full name.

User's username (case-insensitive and must be unique).

Username may contain letters, numbers, periods, dashes and underscores, where period cannot be the first or last character.
Although not recommended to have a single character as the username, but if using only a single character it must be a letter.

Email User's email (must be unique).
Allowed Extensions User's authorized extensions (if they have more than one).
Phone Numbers Provision a User's phone number (extension).
Password User's password.
RANDOM button Create a random password.
Password confirmation User's password again.

User's default role.

Enable Softphone Enable the softphone.
Join default channels Automatically subscribe the user to all configured default channels.
Confirmed? Check so the user does not need to confirm their account if desired.
Send welcome email Send the user a welcome email with a link to the InfinityOne application.
CANCEL button Discard the edits in the form and close the panel.
SAVE button Save the changes.
It is recommended to setup one additional user as an administrator. This is your backup administrator in case you forget the administrator password and cannot recover it.
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