Internal Autodial

This feature allows the user to configure a programmable button on their phone to dial an internal extension. When the button is pressed, the configured extension is automatically dialed. 

If the configured extension belongs to a Nortel phone, the button provides the following additional functionality:

  • The icon associated with the programmable button indicates the current state of the configured extension
  • When the programmable button is pressed while the configured extension is alerting, the button invokes the directed pickup feature (i.e. allows the user to answer calls alerting at the configured extension)

This feature is available to Nortel phones only.

From Release 6.0 and up, the key will be automatically labeled using the CallerID Name field from the phone's Nortel properties page.

To program an Internal Autodial button

Phone Type Steps Notes
Nortel phone with Feature key

1. Press the Feature key followed by the feature code *2.
2. Press the programmable button you want to program.
3. Enter the string of digits you want to configure.
4. Press the Enter key.

Nortel phone with Services key 1. When idle, press the Services key and use the navigation keys to scroll down to Internal Autodial.
2. Invoke the feature.
3. Enter the string of digits you want to configure.
4. Press the Enter key.


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