Shaw SIP Trunk

Shaw SIP Trunk Setup Information

Build the SIP Trunk using IP Trunk Assistant

Shaw SIP Trunks have been successfully implemented using the following IP Trunk Assistant setup:

  1. Open the Web-based Configuration Utility and navigate to PBX / IP Trunk Assistant 
  2. Click on New Account
  3. In the Account Name, create a unique entry for to identify the Shaw SIP trunk on the UCX
  4. Select Custom from the Trunk Provider drop-down box 
  5. User Name: use the 10 digit DID provided by Shaw
  6. Secret: enter the Authentication Password supplied
  7. Outbound CallerID: enter the 10 digit DID number provided by Shaw preceded by the digit (11 digits total)
  8. In the Configuration Details set the following values:
    • Type: peer
    • Qualify: yes
    • Insecure: port,invite
    • DTMF Mode: rfc2833
    • DTL-SRTP: no
    • Technology: SIP
    • Can Reinvite: no
    • Send RPID: yes
    • Trust RPID: yes
    • ICE: no
    • Host / IP: Enter the SIP trunk server information provided by Shaw
    • Context:from-trunk
    • Disallow: all
    • Allow: ulaw,alaw
    • From User: the 10 digit DID provided by Shaw
    • From Domain: leave blank
  9. The final settings will look similar to the following:

Maximum Channels

You may require adjusting the maximum number of channels supported on the SIP trunk:

  1. Navigate to the PBX / PBX Configuration / Trunks page and click on the trunk you just created
  2. In the Maximum Channels field, enter the number of simultaneous calls allowed on the SIP trunk by Shaw 
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