Software Update

The Software Update page allows you to update software packages currently installed on your UCx system from on-line repositories.

Some updates require the disruption of telephony services and active calls may be dropped without warning. These updates must only be done after hours or when such disruption is acceptable. A warning message is presented if the software update includes packages that can cause an interruption of telephony services.

Update of software packages can take several minutes. Wait for the operation to complete!

Internet access is required to check for updates and to install updates.
Software updates require access to the software repositories, the following port and access must be allowed on the network where the UCx server resides:
  • DNS (source UDP port 53)
  • HTTP access based on the connection state (we need to receive responses for our HTTP requests)

To update installed software packages from online repositories, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the System tab tab, select Updates
  3. From the left side column, select Software Update
  4. Choose the type of update using the pull-down list in the Set Type field. The default value is Updates & Patches, which includes updates in standard repositories as well as in the repository "patches" (recently released fully verified packages that address specific problems reported from the field).
  5. Press the Check For Updates button
  6. While checking for updates, the system shows the message Checking repositories - please wait.. 
  7. If there are updates available, a list of updated software packages will be listed
  8. Press the Update Software button to update these software packages

    Some updates cannot be performed from the Web-based Configuration Utility, after clicking the Update Software button,  if you see a pop-up warning message that certain packages cannot be updated from this page, click to proceed with the update. Upon successful completion of the software update, follow the instructions in the section Update using Command Line to update the remaining packages.

  9. While installing the packages, the system shows the message Updating packages - please wait...
  10. Upon the completion of the update, the message Updates successfully completed appears.
  11. If the update includes changes to the operating system, then a warning message will be displayed at the top of the page advising that a reboot of the UCx Server is required. If you see such a warning message, proceed to the System -> Shutdown tab and perform a reboot.


Update using Command Line

When using Command Line Interface (CLI) to perform software updates, DO NOT interrupt the update process.  If the update process is interrupted, please open a ticket to contact E-MetroTel support for assistance.

It is highly recommended that all software updates be performed first from the Web-based Configuration Utility, use the CLI to install any pending updates not completed via the GUI or when instructed.

As an alternative to the update of software packages using the Web-based Configuration Utility, you can use an SSH client software (for example PuTTY) to connect to your UCX system and update software packages from the command line.

To update your UCx system with software packages from on-line repositories using an SSH client, perform the following steps:

  1. Start your SSH client software.
  2. Enter the IP address or host name of your UCx system (use the default SSH port 22 and the SSH protocol version 2).
  3. At the login as prompt, use the user ID admin.
  4. Use the password you configured for the Web-based Configuration Utility's admin account.
  5. At the presented command prompt, use this command to check for updates:
       sudo yum check-update
  6. Use this command to initiate the update:
       sudo yum update
  7. Confirm the update operation when prompted by the package installer.
  8. Once the operation is finished, close the SSH session using the command

Self Assessment Quiz

  1. Does software update require Internet access?
  2. Can software update be scheduled?
  3. Do you need a technician to be on-site to perform a sofware update?
  4. What is the command used to perform a software update from the Command Line interface (CLI)?