Time Zone Offset

By default, the UCx system time is displayed on the phone. If a phone is installed in a different time zone from the UCx system, time must be adjusted to display the correct time for that time zone.

This feature is available to Nortel phones only.

To adjust the Time Zone

Phone Type Steps Notes
Nortel phone with Feature key

1. Press the Feature key followed by the feature code *510.
2. Use the Up and/or Down soft keys or digits 0 to 9 to select the desired time zone offset.
3. Press the Enter key.

Nortel phone with Services key 1. When idle, press the Services key and use the navigation keys to scroll down to Time Zone Offset.
2. Invoke the feature.
3. Use the Up and/or Down soft keys or digits 0 to 9 to select the desired time zone offset.
4. Press the Enter key.