XSTIM - Calls with Multiple Parties

Call Join

The call join feature allows a user to join 2 calls from 2 separate lines into an ad-hoc conference call.

  1. While in a call or conference on a Line key, press the Hold key. The caller(s) on the line is placed on hold.
  2. Make or receive a new call on a second Line key
  3. Press the Conf soft key followed by the Join soft key.
  4. Press the first Line key to join all parties into a conference.
  5. You can continue to add parties to the existing ad-hoc conference with the above steps.

Conference (Multi-Party)

The ad-hoc conference feature described here allows a user to start a multi-party conversation at anytime without the need to create a conference bridge.

  1. While on a call, press the Conf soft key.
  2. Dial the extension or external phone number of the party you want to add to the call.
  3. To add the new party to the conference, press the Conf soft key again.
  4. To return to the conference without adding the new party, press the Cancel softkey.

Once the conference has been initiated, only the initiator of the conference can add additional internal or external callers.