XSTIM - Nortel Settings and Properties

The Infinity 5000 series phones running XSTIM firmware will operate like a Nortel phone. Extension configuration is performed on the UCx and the behaviour of the phone follows settings configured under Nortel Settings and Nortel Properties.

There are a few exceptions and this page will provide a description on the various Nortel Settings. 

Nortel Settings Description
Audible Call Waiting The supported values are NONE, BUZZ and RING.
When set to BUZZ, the notification provided is a one second beep. When set to RING, notification is a single attenuated ring cycle.
Dial Pad Feedback The supported values are DTMF and NONE.
Nortel Properties Description
LCD Contrast LCD contrast is not supported on infinity phones. The compatible feature is Backlight.
Backlight Active Level can be changed on the 5010 phone's web interface. It is not supported on 5006 phones.