Account Basics

iOne - Set your Avatar

The default avatar is a colored box with the User's initials. Personal avatars add a personalized touch to Infinity One.

iOne - Change your name

The Username is used to login and also for @ mentions by other users. You can change your Name and/or Username here.

iOne - Change your email

The email address configured here is used for Email Notifications if enabled.

iOne - Change your password

Steps to change your account password.

iOne - Add your phone

To enable the Presence and Click to call feature, you need to associate an extension number to your Infinity One account.

iOne - Enable and Register Softphone

If your administrator has configured a softphone extension for you, here are the steps to enable and register the iOne Softphone.

iOne - Logging In

Steps to access Infinity One from a web browser.

iOne - Logging Out

Steps to log out of Infinity One.

iOne - Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Infinity One

iOne - User FAQ

Infinity One FAQ