Answer DN Behavior

Feature Description

The Answer DN feature allows you to answer a call ringing at another phone. UCX does not have an Answer DN feature, however it can be configured to have a similar behavior.

This page describes two methods to configure the Answer DN behaviour on the UCX.

Method One - XSTIM Phones

If you have an XSTIM phone, you can program a Ringing BLF (Busy Lamp Field) or BLF key to answer.

To have a visual indication when extension xxx is ringing, configure xxxB in the Digits field and enter an appropriate Label.

To have your phone ring when extension xxx is ringing, configure xxxR in the Digits field and enter an appropriate Label.

The "Ringing BLF Active+Ringing State" setting in the XSTIM Settings page can be used to control whether the ringing BLF key always provides audible ringing (Ringing setting is enabled) or only provides audible ringing if the target extension xxxR is currently idle (Active setting is enabled).


Method Two - SIP Phones

With the configuration below, when someone calls xxx, all  the phones configured in Step One and the extension xxx will ring. The caller ID presented on the extension xxx will identify the caller (e.g. "Charles 266"), the caller ID presented on the other extensions will be prefixed with the CID name prefix (e.g. "DN222: Charles 266").

You can also choose to ring the extension xxx first and add a delay before ringing the other phones. The configuration of this delay is described in Step Two.

Step One: Create Ring Group

First you create a ring group that contains all the extensions that will ring when extension xxx (e.g. 222) rings. 

  • Choose a Ring Group Number that is easy to associate with the xxx extension, e.g. 6xxx
  • Enter a Group Description for the ring group
  • Set the Ring Strategy to ringall
  • Set the Ring Time longer than the Follow Me setting for extension xxx (e.g. 60 seconds)
  • In the Extension List box, include all the extensions that want the "Answer DN" capability for extension xxx
  • In the CID Name Prefix field, enter a prefix that will indicate the call is for Answer DN xxx (e.g. DNxxx)

  • Choose any value for Destination if no answer, the call will not ring long enough to use this setting.
  • Press the Submit Changes button

Step Two: Configure Follow Me

For the extension xxx (e.g. 222), configure the Follow Me settings as follows:

  • Set the Initial Ring Time to 0 if you want all phones to ring at once. If you want the extension xxx to ring first before ringing other phones, then configure this field to the desired number of seconds to ring xxx first.
  • Set the Ring Strategy to ringallv2
  • Set the Ring Time shorter than the ring time for the ring group in step one. (e.g. 20 seconds)
  • In the Follow-Me List box, include the extension itself (e.g. 222) and the ring group number followed by the # sign (e.g. 6222#)
  • Set the Destination if no answer to the voicemail for extension xxx unavailable
  • Press the Submit Changes button