Avaya Digital Phones

Supported Devices

E-MetroTel has introduced support for the following Avaya digital phone models (other models may be supported in the future):

  • Avaya 9504 Digital Phone
  • Avaya 9508 Digital Phone
Note: These sets require a minimum Avaya firmware version 0.55 (date 05/12/13).


These models will be supported on any of our existing DSM16p cards after the application of a software update to both the DSM16p card and the UCX software.  The updated DSM16p software adds a new Digital Set Mode to the Gateway / Device Configuration page to enable the card to support a full complement of a maximum of 16 Avaya digital phones. Note that while a single DSM16p can only support one Digital Set Mode; multiple digital set types (XSTIM, Nortel, Avaya, Panasonic) can be supported using multiple DSM16p cards connected to a single UCX based system. 

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