Call Recordings

The Call Recordings page allows users to view and manage call recordings.  Based on their group membership, users get different viewing and/or management privileges.  The following table show requirements and user rights based on their group membership.

Requirements / Privileges
All Other Groups
Associated extension required No No Yes 
View all call recordings Yes Yes No
View call recordings for associated extension  Yes  Yes Yes
Delete all call recordings Yes No No
Delete call recordings for associated extension  Yes  Yes  Yes


To view a list of call recordings, perform the following steps: 

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the PBX tab, select Call Recordings
  3. Press the Show Filter button to show filter options
  4. Enter the Start Date and End Date
  5. Optionally, you can enter also Source Destination and/or Call Type in the Search area
  6. Press the Show button to display calls recorded during the specified period that match the specified search parameters (if any)

To play a call recording, select the Listen link in the Action column.

To download a call recording, select the Download link in the Action column.

To download the details of the displayed call recordings, select the Download button on the menu bar to download list in CSV, Spreadsheet, or PDF format.

To delete one or more recordings, select the checkbox on the left side of the desired recordings, press the Delete Checked button. 

To delete all the recordings that match the filter, select the Delete All button.

You will receive a warning when deleting all recordings. Use this option with caution, recordings cannot be recovered once deleted.

For details on configuring Call Recordings, see Call Recording Options under Features.

Known Issues

In situations where Queue calls are being recorded and the call is not answered by an agent, the system will still show an entry under the Call Recordings page. However the entry will be listed as "Recording missing". This is not an error, the entry can be ignored.