When you login to the UCx Digital Station Module (DSM16) Web-based Configuration Utility, you are initially presented with the Dashboard page, which provides operational view of the system. If you navigate away from this page, you can return to it by selecting Dashboard from the System tab.


Managing Dashboard Applets

You can customize the set of applets displayed on the dashboard.  To select applets that are to be visible on the Dashboard page, perform the following steps:

  1. From the System tab, select Dashboard.
  2. From the left side column, select Dashboard Applet Admin.  (If the left column is collapsed, click the drawer handle arrow on the very left edge of the screen, or the Expand button on the tool bar on the right hand edge of the Dashboard page.)
  3. Check names of applets that you want see on the Dashboard page.
  4. Press the Save button to save the dashboard applet configuration.