E-MetroTel Training Expectations

E-MetroTel occasionally will offer free online and/or in-person training to both new and existing members of its' Reseller community. The nature of this training can vary from introductory level information regarding either new or existing product capabilities or more advanced information about configuration of specific less widely used capabilities available on the product(s) or even advanced troubleshooting techniques. 

Training Benefits

The purpose of this training, when offered, is to ensure that Resellers have the knowledge and understanding of the breadth of functionality available from our products to be able to position E-MetroTel solutions effectively with their customers against a background of competitor offerings. 

While both E-MetroTel and the Reseller benefits from this through increased opportunity of successful sales, the Reseller also benefits from the training through:

  • Ensuring that an adequate level of knowledge transfer is provided to one or more members of the Reseller's technical team that they can efficiently deploy those E-MetroTel solutions, thereby lowering their installation costs.
  • Increasing the likelihood that the Reseller technical team can tailor their configuration of customer solutions to maximum customer satisfaction to gain long term, committed customers, and to increase the probability of referrals from those customers.
  • Establishing a network of other Resellers also participating in the session(s) to be able to call upon for partnering and referrals


Participation in any training session is voluntary; E-MetroTel does not mandate participation in any one course, although it is strongly encouraged by E-MetroTel for the reasons noted above. Furthermore, E-MetroTel reserves the right to restrict access to the Partner Portal Help Desk for opening and managing customer support tickets until a Reseller has participated in our introductory Product Training session.


E-MetroTel Obligations

E-MetroTel agrees to:

  • Communicate the availability of upcoming training opportunities far enough in advance as possible so that Resellers can plan their schedules accordingly
  • Run the training sessions promptly at the advertised time and attempt to maintain committed schedules for the duration of the training
  • Provide an overview of the areas expected to be covered throughout the course and where possible, seek feedback from trainees on whether the expectations have been met
  • Attempt to engage in multi-party dialog during the training to increase the level of knowledge sharing and participant engagement while also endeavoring to stay within the target schedule
  • Provide a mechanism for trainees to provide feedback on the quality and appropriateness of the training to their needs, and solicit areas for improvement or other areas of interest
  • Provide a mechanism for responding to unanswered questions after the completion of the training session when possible

 Reseller Obligations

The Reseller is expected to:

  • Improve their overall knowledge and understanding of E-MetroTel products through periodical participation in E-MetroTel provided training
  • Build and maintain their knowledge through the purchase and use of an E-MetroTel Demo System for their lab. Demo systems can be deployed using premise, Virtual Machine, or Cloud configurations. E-MetroTel reserves the right to offer certain training sessions only to Resellers who have ordered and received their Demo system
  • When training is offered that requires registration for particular dates and/or times, the Reseller should register for their target timeframe as soon as possible so that course calendar offering can be adjusted based on higher or lower than expected interest levels
  • Endeavor to be ready to start their training a few minutes prior to the schedule start of the session to minimize the potential for interrupting and/or delaying the start of the training for the other participants and the instructor
  • For on-line training, care should be taken to minimize background noise that may cause interruption or otherwise impact the participation of others or the delivery of the material by the instructor
  • Participate and engage in interaction with the instructor and other participants to maximize the opportunity for learning and understanding by all participants - ask questions!
  • Provide thoughtful, constructive feedback on your satisfaction with the objectives, material, and delivery of the training along with areas of improvements or other topics of interest for possible future training sessions


Occasionally unexpected events happen that impact either E-MetroTel's or the Reseller's ability to meet their commitments with respect to delivering or participating in a particular training session.

In most cases E-MetroTel will maintain our committed schedule through the use of other skilled instructors with the appropriate level of knowledge to meet the intended outcomes for that session. If this cannot be accomplished, participants will be notified as soon as possible and alternative scheduling will be considered.

Most of E-MetroTel's free training is run at full capacity, and while it is offered for free to the Reseller, it does require resource commitment from E-MetroTel. If a Reseller has made a commitment to a particular date and time for that training but is unable to attend, notice should be provided to the E-MetroTel Training Coordinator at least five days prior to allow time for that slot to be filled with another participant. When an Reseller does not provide adequate notice of cancellation when possible or has repeated last minute conflicts that result in inefficient use of E-MetroTel training resources, E-MetroTel reserves the right to charge the Reseller a cancellation fee for the course.