Feature Guide

Infinity SIP - Installing Loud Ringtones

For customers that have phones operating in a noisy environment, there may be a need to install ringtones that are louder than normal.

Infinity SIP - Configuring Distinctive Ringtones

Distinctive ringtones are used to identify different types of incoming calls, for example: Interval versus External.

Infinity SIP - Customizing Phone Display Screen

There are several screen display options on the phone that can be customized, e.g. backlight, screensaver, wallpaper, font size etc.

Infinity SIP - Hotdesking to another account

The Hot desking feature allows you to unregister the phone from existing accounts and log in to a different account.

Infinity SIP - Configuring Dial Plan

See details on the dial plan syntax and how to configure.

Infinity SIP - Configuring VLAN

VLAN is available on Infinity 5000 series phones.

Infinity SIP - Setting up Phone Book directory

Setup the phonebook directory on InfinityOne and access it from any Infinity 5000 series phone.