Galaxy Express - Module Installation

Required and Optional Cards

The list of plug-in cards are described in Galaxy Express - Platform Overview and Hardware. All cards are inserted in the same manner into the Galaxy Express chassis

Regardless of which slots a card to which a card is restricted, the same process is used for installed and removing them.

Card Insertion

Each slot is labeled on the chassis (1 and 2).  Each of the slots has a both an front and rear guide rail on each side for ensuring proper alignment of the card prior to inserting. The slots and rails can be seen below:


When installing the card, make sure the side of the circuit board with most of the components is facing upward, and guide the upper and lower edge of the card into the upper and lower guide rails. Holding the latching screws, slide the card all the way and gently rock the card to seat it in the rear connector. Tighten the latching screws to the chassis to ensure a solid fit.

Disconnect the power cords prior to inserting or removing any cards.



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