Galaxy Mini - Front and Rear Panel Interfaces

The following is a description of the interface connectors, status indicators, and buttons available on the Galaxy Mini chassis.

Front Panel


The Reset Button is not used by the Galaxy Mini.


If the Reset Button is depressed the system will be shutdown and you will be required to unplug the power from the unit and plug it back in again to restart the system.


LED Indicators:

  LED Indicator Color Status
  Power Indicator (PWR) Green: Continuous Power is ON
  Status Indicator (RUN) Green: Flashing (1 sec) Normal Operation
  Ethernet 0 (WAN) Green: Flashing Plugged-in, Active
  Ethernet 1 (LAN) Green: Flashing Plugged-in, Active
  Indicators for FXO Modules  Red: Flashing (1 sec) Normal
    Red: Continuous Connected
    Red: Flashing (0.1 sec) Communicating
  Indicators for FXS Modules Green: Continuous Normal
    Green: Flashing (0.1 sec) Communicating


All LED indicators will flash during the system initialization process. The Galaxy Mini will beep once to indicate the initialization is complete. (The unit will also beep six times when power is no longer detected.)

Rear Panel

The rear panel is used solely for plugging in the included 12 VDC, 2.33 A power supply.