Getting Support

E-MetroTel UCX Asset Support and/or Warranty Transfer Request

This document provides record of a UCX transfer of Assurance Support and/or Warranty service sent from an End-Customer or Reseller of record to E-MetroTel LLC. Once the transfer request is received and approved, a new license string will be provided to the new Support Partner of record.

Getting Support

Describes the different assurance services provided by E-MetroTel.

Customer Assurance Services Portal

This page describes the process and use of E-MetroTel's Customer Assurance Services Portal (Customer Portal).

Assurance Services Transfer Request Form

To transfer an Active UCx Assurance Support and/or Warranty from one partner to another, download and fill in the document below. Information needs to be filled in by End-Customer or Reseller of record and sent to E-MetroTel.

Root Access to UCx

This page describes E-MetroTel's policy on root access to the UCx Server.