How-To Guides

Configure Trunks to use TCP for SIP signalling

How to configure trunks to use TCP for SIP signalling

Configure Analog Trunks

How to configure analog trunks on the UCX server.

Configure QSIG PRI on the UCX and other endpoints (eg. Nortel CS1000)

How to setup QSIG PRI integration between a E-MetroTel UCX and other endpoints. This example also shows the settings on the Nortel CS1000, but the same UCX settings are recommended for all endpoint connections using Q.Sig. 

Restrict dial access using Custom Contexts

How to define access restrictions for specific extensions using custom contexts.

Enable User Initialization of Voicemail box

How to enable user initialization of their voice mailbox.

Restore a backup file from a different system

How to use the backup file from one system and restore it to a different system.

Setup Remote SMTP to work with Outlook 365

How to enable email services using a remote SMTP server when port 25 is blocked.

Configure Port Forwarding for Remote Access

How to configure port forwarding on your router to provide external access to UCx server on the local network.

Configure Second Network Port

How to enable and configure the Second Network Interface Port and the DHCP Server on the UCX server (50, 450, 1000) for use as a Voice LAN.

Configure Cascading Time Groups and Conditions

Define different call treatments for inbound routes depending on the day and time of the day.

Optimizing Trunk Settings

How to optimize and tune the DAHDI (Analog) trunks on your UCx system.

Troubleshooting Echo issues

How to troubleshoot echo on UCX systems.

Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

Create and configure a trusted Self-Signed SSL Certificate to prevent seeing the privacy error when connecting to the Web-based Configuration Utility.

Create a bootable USB drive for installing UCX Server software

How to create a bootable USB drive for installing UCX software image on a Server.

Install G.729 and G.723 Codecs

How to install the G.729 and G.723 codecs.

Configure Multi-Sites with Non-Uniform Dialing Plan

How to setup multiple sites running UCX that do not have a coordinated dialing plan in place.

Configure Multi-Sites with Coordinated Dialing Plan

How to setup Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP) for multiple sites running UCx.

Deploying UCX in a Nurse Call Environment

E-MetroTel UCX can be deployed in Nurse Call application environments.

Configuring UCX for Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act

The E911 On-site Notification service allows on-site individuals to be notified in real-time when someone dials an emergency number from a local extension.