InfinityOne Package Update Required

To enhance the overall InfinityOne mobile softphone performance and keep pace with changes to the softphone’s underlying open-source components, E-MetroTel will be introducing updated versions of both the iOS and Android apps available on the Apple App and Google Play stores. InfinityOne Version 2.0.x mobile apps will be available for download in early August, and if users have auto-updates configured on their mobile devices then this version will be automatically installed.
In concert with these mobile app updates, E-MetroTel has already released updates for both the InfinityOne Release 3 (for UCX 6.0) and InfinityOne Release 4 (for UCX 7.0) optional packages for the UCX. These InfinityOne package updates are required to allow the new 2.0.x iOS and Android apps to make and receive calls. All other functions of the InfinityOne app are not affected, and any mobile device that has not updated will continue to be fully operational after the InfinityOne package update has been installed. If you are using InfinityOne but have not deployed mobile iOS or Android clients, then this update is not required.
Mobile app users who have updated to version 2.0.x prior to the InfinityOne packages on the UCX being updated to version 3.3.0-0 or 4.2.0-0 (or higher) will receive a pop-up alert message that says “This client version requires a server with version 4.2.0 or higher for calling capabilities. Please contact your system administrator to update the InfinityOne server.” whenever they press any key on the softphone. If your customers report this issue, the only action required is to perform a software update on their UCX system and voice calling capabilities on the mobile app will be restored for all users.
E-MetroTel always recommends configuring the UCX for monthly Automatic Updates. If you have Automatic Software Updates set to monthly, weekly, or daily and your system is under active support and connected to the internet, then your users will not experience any impacts after updating to the new InfinityOne mobile versions. If you do not have Automatic Updates configured or they are configured for quarterly, then you are required to perform a manual update to avoid mobile clients not being able to make or receive calls.

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