Network Parameters

The Network Parameters page allows you to view/change the network configuration of your UCX system.

DHCP Server

The DHCP Server page allows you to view/change the configuration of the DHCP Server on your UCx system.

DHCP Client List

The DHCP Client List page allows you to view the list of DHCP clients that obtained an IP address from the DHCP Server running on your UCx system.

DHCP Bindings

The DHCP Bindings page allows you to view/change assignments of specific IP addresses managed by the DHCP Server running on your UCx system to configured MAC addresses.

NTP Settings

​The Network Time Protocol Settings page allows you to configure NTP settings used by the UCx system.

Static Routes

The Static Routes page allows you to configure static routes that are used by the UCx system to access remote network destinations via other than the default network adapter (i.e. remote destinations not accessible using the default gateway).