Overview - Module and Card Options


The UCX DSM16 functionality allows reuse of Nortel/Avaya digital phones with a UCX Server.  The current release specifically supports Norstar/BCM series phones and devices as identified in the Supported Hardware and Capacity section of this guide.  The DSM16 will be able to accommodate future software updates to extend the breadth of supported devices.  Support for Nortel Meridian/CS1000 digital phones is planned for an upcoming release.

DSM16 Hardware Versions

There are two different hardware device options that E-MetroTel uses to provide physical digital station interfaces for UCX software. One option is the DSM16 Module, a hardware device dedicated to DSM16 functionality. It can be either wall mounted or sit independently on a desktop or shelf, and has an external power supply. The other option is a DSM16 Card, which plugs into either a Galaxy Expand or Galaxy Express chassis. Both versions provide support for 16 digital stations, use the same software, are configured using the same Web-based Configuration Manager interface.

The UCX Digital Station Module is ideal for Norstar or BCM200/400/1000 sites for which there is no UCX Digital Gateway Solid State Drive option for re-using existing Nortel hardware. The Norstar/BCM digital phones work with UCX Server through the Digital Station Module, keeping their original phone user interfaces and having extended Unified Communication feature capabilities provided from the UCX Server. An upcoming release of DSM16 software will allow Meridian 1 and CS1000 digital sets to be connected directly rather than using the Media Gateway interface.

This guide covers topics including the configuration of the system and maintenance of the UCX DSM16 software.

DSM16 Module

Front View

RJ21:  For connection of Digital Sets.  See DSM16 - Wiring Chart.

Rear View


Power:     For connection of 12V DC Power
USB:        Not Used
Ethernet: RJ-45 LAN Connection
Indicator Location Status Meaning
Power Small hole below power jack. Green: Power applied and internal power converter is working
Status Small hole between USB and RJ-45 connectors Off:
Flashing Green:
Solid Green:
Initial boot in process
Services starting
Ethernet Bottom edge of connector Green:
Link is present
Link activity

100 Mbps operation

Wall Mounting Holes

The following diagram depicts the spacing of the holes on the bottom of the unit designed for wall mounting. If printed from this web page it will not necessarily be recreated at proper scale, so it is for layout informational purposes only.​


DSM16P Card

The DSM16p is a plug-in card designed for use in the Galaxy Express and Galaxy Expand platforms. It supports E-MetroTel digital phones as well as Nortel/Avaya T and M series sets for Norstar/BCM migration as well as Meridian digital sets. 

Card Side View
Galaxy Expand DSM16 Card
Front Panel

Galaxy Expand DSM16 Front Panel4



Connection to Digital Telephone Sets
Default IP Address: DHCP 
Type: RJ-21.


PWR Green: Indicates card has power from backplane.
Green: Indicates the card processes are running.
Red:     Indicates an operational failure