Panasonic SIP Phones

The UCX allows you to can assign one or more Busy Lamp Field (BLF) buttons to Panasonic SIP phones! This is in contrast with Panasonic PBX systems which only allowed BLF buttons on Digital or IP (MGCP) based phones.

Supported Devices

E-MetroTel has introduced support for the following Panasonic SIP phone models (other models may be supported in the future):

  • KX-HDV100
  • KX-HDV130
  • KX-HDV230
  • KX-HDV330
  • KX-HDV340
  • KX-HDV430
  • KX-TGP600
  • KX-TGP700

Configuring Panasonic SIP Phones

STEP ONE: On the UCx Server

  1. Login to the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. Navigate to PBX / PBX Configuration / Extensions page
  3. Add a SIP Extension for a Generic SIP Device with the following basic parameters
  • User Extension (e.g. 120)
  • Display Name
  • secret
  1. Click on Submit to create the extension
  2. Press the Apply Config bar at the top

STEP TWO: On the HDV/TGP Phone

Refer to the Panasonic Support page for details on how to access these phone's Web configuration interface.

  1. Enable Embedded Web on the phone ( Menu / Basic Settings / Other Option)
  2. Login to the Web configuration interface of the phone
  3. Navigate to VoIP - SIP Settings – Line 1 page 
  4. Enter the following basic parameters:
    • Phone Number  - Enter the User Extension from STEP ONE (e.g. 120)
    • Registrar Server Address -  Enter IP address of UCX
    • Registar Server Port – keep 5060
    • Presence Server Address - Enter IP address of UCX
    • Presence Server Port – keep 5060
    • Outbound Proxy Server Address - Enter IP address of UCX
    • Outbound Proxy Server Port – keep 5060
    • Authentication ID - Enter the User Extension from STEP ONE (e.g. 120)
    • Authentication Password - Enter the secret from STEP ONE
  5. Press the Save button at the bottom of the page and the phone will register
NOTE: for registration to UCX Cloud systems  all ports are 5960

STEP THREE: Additional Settings

You can repeat STEP TWO to configure an other SIP lines for the phone by navigating to the VoIP - SIP Settings – Line 2 , Line 3, Line…  page . The number of lines depends on  the phone model.

  1. You can configure Flexible Keys including Busy Lamp Field buttons.(BLF). UCX supports BLF on Panasonic SIP phones.
  2. Navigate to Telephone – Flexible Key Settings as shown below:
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