Partner Onboarding

Partner Onboarding

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  • Customer Assurance Services Portal

    E-MetroTel urges that every person requiring post sales technical support has passed the On-Line Certification Exam and has login credentials to the Customer Assurance Services Portal also called “Customer Portal”, “Ticket Portal” or “CRM Portal”. All users must have an individual identity for access (e-mail and password). We also provide the ability to link multiple email addresses for ticket notification.

  • Partner Portal

    At E-MetroTel we strive to ensure our Partners and Customers have access to the resources, information and tools they need to successfully sell, deploy, administer and operate all aspects of the UCx Portfolio. 

  • UCx Remote Access

    The UCx remote access feature allows support of UCx systems remotely, without requiring opening ports on the customer premises firewall. Access is provided by a centralized OpenVPN server, secured by client certificates on the UCx system as well as the connecting PC. 


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