Quick Start

UCx Server - Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide provides information needed to install and configure the UCx to a running state and making calls SIP phones.

Digital Gateway - Quick Start Guide

The UCx Digital Gateway allows reuse of Nortel's Norstar/BCM digital phones as TDM devices with a UCx Server.

Connecting the UCx System

Video tutorial on connecting the UCx system.

Overview of the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility

Video tutorial on the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility

Galaxy100 FXS8P - Quick Start Guide

This document provides the basic configurations steps required to enable analog telephones and fax machines connected to the Galaxy100 FSX8P gateway to begin making calls to and from a UCx system.

UCx System Basics

Video tutorial on UCx System basics

Norstar/BCM to UCx Conversion Guide

How to Convert Norstar/BCM to UCx.