Remote Access

Feature Description

The UCx remote access feature allows support of UCx systems remotely, without requiring opening ports on the customer premises firewall. Access is provided by a centralized OpenVPN server, secured by client certificates on the UCx system as well as the connecting PC.

To use the remote access package, you need to have OpenVPN installed on your PC or Mac computer. Additionally, you need to register the UCx system for remote access.

Please contact E-MetroTel support ([email protected]) to request a user or partner account to access the feature.

To allow the VPN connection to be established, the UCx system must be able to communicate with our server ( using the TCP port 1194.
The remote access server assigns virtual IP addresses ranging from to to remote systems. To avoid IP address conflicts, do not use IP addresses in the same range for your UCx system.

User Accounts

User accounts are for your companies' UCx installers and support personnel. They can use these accounts to create PC and Mac certificates, register UCx systems, and login to the remote VPN network. 
A user account cannot be used to manage or delete certificates created by another account and/or to de-register or re-register UCx systems registered by another account.  Please contact your E-MetroTel partner account holder if you need further access.

Partner Accounts

Partner accounts are assigned to one or more individuals in an E-MetroTel partner company. As with user accounts, partner accounts can create and manage their own PC, Mac, and UCx certificates, and log onto the remote network.
Additionally, partner accounts can be used to manage certificates created by another partner or user account in their own company.


  • You have a Remote Access user or partner account provided by E-MetroTel.
  • You have OpenVPN installed on your computer

Feature Registration

To register your UCx for remote access, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the Support tab, select Remote Access
  3. Enter your remote access account Email and Password
  4. Provide a Description for the UCx system that you are registering
  5. Press the Register button
  6. After registration is complete, remote access is deactivated (stopped) by default
  7. Proceed to the next section (Feature Activation) to activate remote access

To Un-register your UCx for remote access, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the UCx Web-based Configuration Utility
  2. From the Support tab, select Remote Access
  3. Enter your remote access account Password
  4. Press the Unregister button

Feature Activation

Remote Access page

To start remote access, press the Start button located at the top left corner of the Remote Access page.
When remote access is active, the IP Address field will show the virtual address for this UCx system. Provide this address when requesting support for your UCx system.

To stop remote access, press the Stop button.

Feature Code

The Remote Support Toggle feature code can be used to Enable or Disable remote access from a phone. The feature code and password is configurable in the Feature Codes page.

Assuming the default values are used:

  1. From any phone connected to the UCx system, dial the feature code *48
  2. A message will be played back indicating the status of Remote Support, i.e. Enabled or Disabled
  3. You will be prompted to enter the Remote Support Password 829 to toggle the status

Feature Usage

For more details on the Remote Access feature, go to  and login with your remote access account.

Self Assessment Quiz

  1. Can you accurately describe E-MetroTel's Remote Access feature to a customer?
  2. Do you know the different ways to enable/disable Remote Access?