Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy

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E-MetroTel Return Material Authorization (RMA) Policy


All returned products must be under warranty and have an E-MetroTel generated Return Material Authorization (RMA) number to be accepted from the authorized E-MetroTel Reseller initiating the return request. An RMA request for repair or replacement of products under warranty must follow the RMA guidelines as defined in this Policy.

Receiving an RMA Number

  • ALL requests for RMA must have an open trouble ticket AND include the following (missing information may result in delays):
    • End Customer Name
    • Product Name and Asset number or Host ID, VPN Remote Access IP Address
    • Detailed description of the product failure
    • Details on troubleshooting completed to determine the cause of the failure
  • Update trouble ticket, requesting RMA number
    • Provide Reseller shipping address for replacement, primary contact, email address and phone number
  • Once the documented issue has been validated, an RMA number will be documented in the Trouble ticket for the return of the product(s) or component(s) under warranty.
  • For RMA of UCx systems, E-MetroTel will provide a temporary license to enable the Reseller to restore the End User on a UCx from the Reseller Spares stock until the RMA process is complete.

Returning RMA Products

  • All products must be returned with the original packaging including all original parts and materials (cords, connectors, power cable, CD’s, etc.)
  • Product(s) must be packed with protective filler in a shipping box, with the RMA number visible on the outside.
  • Reseller is responsible for freight back to E-MetroTel. Product(s) returned without an RMA number will be immediately returned to the sender at their cost.
  • Product(s) must be returned to E-MetroTel within 10 business days of receiving an RMA number.
    Unless otherwise instructed, ship product(s) to:
E-MetroTel RMA# ______________
1033 Long Prairie Rd (FM.2499) Unit 3
Flower Mound, Texas

On Receipt of RMA Product(s)

  • E-MetroTel will document an acknowledgement of receipt in the Trouble ticket and the E-MetroTel support team will confirm the product is defective.
  • For a faulty product still under warranty, a replacement product will be shipped of equal or better product at E-MetroTel’s discretion (default shipping method is ground). All replacements will be of like kind or better, provided either directly to the authorized Reseller or through E-MetroTel contracted suppliers, at the discretion of E-MetroTel.
  • If product is found not defective, it will be returned at Reseller’s cost (default shipping method is ground).
  • Reseller will receive an order notification when the replacement is shipped, and any amount due resulting from penalties for missing and/or damaged parts will be invoiced to the Reseller. (See Penalties and Charges section.)
  • E-MetroTel will cover the return cost of GROUND shipping in Continental US and Canada, via E-MetroTel’s carrier of choice on all replacements. If a shipping method other than ground is requested by the Reseller, the Reseller will be responsible for the difference in charges between ground and the requested method.
  • After the RMA is processed if the faulty product is found by original manufacturer to have failed due to physical damage, misuse, or any other reason that voids and/or is not covered under the warranty; the Reseller will be notified and invoiced to repair the product to its original condition.

Penalties and Charges

  • Penalties and Charges apply as follows:
    • Missing E-MetroTel product - the charge is the single product price as listed in the current E-MetroTel pricing schedule.
    • Missing product boxes for E-MetroTel sourced Network, Gateway and/or Telephones - $40.00
    • Missing network cable - $12.00
    • Missing power cable, power block - $50.00
    • Missing ancillary cables, footstands, CD’s etc. - $50.00
    • Missing mounting brackets - $100.00
  • Additional charges may apply in the event of subsequent issues associated with an RMA.
  • All Penalties are final. Subsequent Reseller shipments of missing products or components to E-MetroTel after initial RMA shipment is received will not be accepted.

Hardware Warranty

  • Hardware Warranty on the product returned to the authorized E-MetroTel Reseller will be active until the Hardware Warranty expiry date of the original failed hardware.
  • Returned hardware from a valid RMA may be A-stock or B-stock at E-MetroTel’s discretion.


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