Steps to Configure the InfinityOne Work at Home solution

Configuring the base UCx software

Creating User Extensions

Follow the standard procedures for creating WebRTC Extensions as described in Adding an InfinityOne Extension. In order to simplify the use of InfinityOne as an work at home solution, it may be useful to create (and assign) extensions with a numbering plan based on your current office system.

Set the system up for Softphone Operation 

Follow the procedures in Step 1 and Step 2 InfinityOne - Softphone Configuration Guide

Configuring the InfinityOne Server Software

Run the InfinityOne Installation Wizard

Follow the standard procedures for Installation and Setup for InfinityOne Release 2.

Configure the WebRTC functionality 

Complete the procedures in Step 3 of the InfinityOne - Softphone Configuration Guide.

Enable the allowable user extensions, presence monitoring, and click to call capabilities using InfinityOne - Phone Presence and Click to Call

It is important to review the options available for emergency dialing from mobile clients as described in InfinityOne - Emergency Dialing with InfinityOne Phones

You should decide if you are going to have the softphones configured using the Set Based configuration or Hotdesking method once the users have access to the client software.


Adding Users to InfinityOne

Add User Accounts

Follow the standard procedures for setting up new users as described in InfinityOne - Adding Users.

Provide Users with access to InfinityOne Client

Review the different methods for access the InfinityOne client software as described in InfinityOne - User Interface Options, and have them review the various Installation and User Guides in the remaining User Interface Options documentation.

Assign Extensions to User Devices

Depending on the method you decided on for assigning the extensions to user devices, you should complete the relevant portion of Step 4 of the InfinityOne - Softphone Configuration Guide.

At this point you should be able to use the collaboration client(s) to send and receive secure messages (direct, private group, or public) and to use the softphone on any of the clients for intra-company calling in the work at home environment.

For some customers, it may not be possible to make any changes to the existing system and the InfinityOne Work at Home solution will operate completely independent from the existing system. While not ideal, it may be sufficient for temporary use until a higher degree of access to the existing system is available. 

Next Steps

In order to improve the level of functionality of the solution, it will require additional configuration with respect to routing incoming calls to the users and the routing of outgoing calls per the scenarios described in InfinityOne Work at Home - General Overview.

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