Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG)


Describes the UCX Survivable Remote Gateway (SRG) and how it operates.

Configuring Nortel IP Phones

Configure Nortel IP phones for use in survivable mode.

Configuring Survivability Options

Enable and configure the SRG functionality on your UCx server.

Configuring Main Office Route Prefix

Configure Main Office Route Prefix for outbound route from the UCx SRG to the main office server.

Configuring Phones for Survivability Mode

Configure survivability options for Nortel IP phones.

Configuring SIP Trunk to Main Office

Configure SIP trunk to the main office call server on the UCx SRG server.

Configuring Outbound Route to Main Office

Configure an outbound route that uses the SIP trunk to the main office call server.

Configuring Inbound Routes from Main Office

Configure one or more inbound routes to route calls received by the UCx SRG server.