User Guide

Infinity SIP - Controls and Buttons

Basic controls and buttons that are typically available on all 5000 series phones.

Infinity SIP - LCD Screen and Icons

LCD screen layout and an overview of the icons and LED states.

Infinity SIP - Phone User Interface

The user interface on the phone itself allows basic configuration changes to be done directly on the phone.

Infinity SIP - Web User Interface

The web interface is used to access all configuration settings of the phone.

Infinity SIP - Registration

The basic steps to register the phone.

Infinity SIP - Making a Call

Making a call from Infinity 5000 series phone.
For example: dialing from directory, history, last number redial, hotline, intercom, paging, busy lamp field (BLF), speed dial, etc.

Infinity SIP - While on a Call

Functions available while on a call with Infinity 5000 series phone.
For example: hold, transfer, call park, call recording, etc.

Infinity SIP - Incoming Calls

Features to handle incoming calls on Infinity 5000 series phone.
For example: auto answer, blacklist, call flow control, pickup, call waiting, do not disturb, call forward, etc.

Infinity SIP - Calls with Multiple Parties

Features to handle calls with multiple parties on Infinity 5000 series phone.
For example: conference, call join, etc.

Infinity SIP - Additional UCx features

Additional features using system wide feature codes on the UCx server.
For example: system blacklist, call trace, follow me toggle, intercom allow/disallow, speak your extension, speak time, stamp log, wake up call,  etc.

Infinity SIP - UCx Voicemail

UCx Voicemail User Guide