Galaxy Expand

Flexible. Expandable. Enterprise Communication


Adaptable communications for any enterprise.

Today businesses face more competitive pressure than ever. The last thing that your organization needs is a communications system that limits your abilities and holds you back. Galaxy Expand is built around adaptability and flexibility for this very reason.

Galaxy Expand is enabled by the feature rich UCX communications software engine. The platform is a 19 inch rack mountable chassis with 11 card slots. The card slots support a variety of interfaces including analog and digital extensions as well as analog and digital trunking along with one or more call processing engines for IP endpoints. This allows the platform to function as a standalone call server, a gateway, a survivable remote, or a redundant high availability server.

Available Card options

  • i5 Server Card

  • DSM16 Card

  • FXS16 Card

  • FXS8 Card

  • PRI-1 Card

  • FXO8 Card

Galaxy i5 Server Card - 1000 registered extensions & 500 concurrent calls.

Galaxy 2930 Server Card - 200 registered extensions & 100 concurrent calls.

Galaxy DSM16 Digital Line Card - 16 digital phones.

Galaxy FXS16 Analog Line Card - 16 analog devices.

Galaxy FXS8 Analog Line Card - 8 analog devices.

Galaxy PRI-1 Single Span PRI Card - 1 PRI circuit.

Galaxy FXO8 Analog Trunk Card - 8 analog trunks.

Galaxy Expand can accomodate medium to large enterprises. The Call Server cards support over a hundred UCX telephony features and applications including integrated Voice Mail, advanced Contact Center, and InfinityOne messaging and mobility.

The platform is fully networkable with SIP service providers and other Galaxy and UCX servers. The networking reduces cost, and the variety of cards and the capacity of the chassis allows for a remarkably adaptable solution, both at install time and years later as your business changes.

With the combination of this platform and SIP telecom services your costs are significantly less than leased cloud solutions.

Referance Architecture

Galaxy Expand works standalone, as active-standby, as a remote gateway or a survivable remote gateway. And can be networked with other Galaxy servers or with UCX servers.

Deployment options

Examples of common Galaxy Expand configurations adapted to fit customer needs. Note that installed customer solutions can also be re-configured as business needs require.


Galaxy Expand delivers advanced applications including wireless capabilities, and unified messaging along with E-MetroTel Infinity 5000 XSTIM, and digital and analog phone lines. This configuration supports unlimited SIP trunks reducing ongoing telecom costs as part of a migration from legacy systems to Unified Communications.

Active-Standby - Hardware Redundancy

Utilizing Active-Standby software Galaxy Expand can provide hardware resiliency with two Call Server cards in the same chassis or with two separate chassis using their own Call Server cards.

Remote Gateway

With the Call Server card removed the Galaxy Expand chassis can be loaded with combinations of DSM16p, FXS16, or PRI cards for a maximum of 176 ports. And gateway(s) can be on site with the call server or at a remote location.


Galaxy Expand can economically keep pace with the rapid growth across your enterprise by maintaining a single dialplan and regional customization, and can provide a consistent user experience with network wide collaboration capabilities. If you are worried about security, cost, or bandwidth challenges across diverse geographies a distributed deployment provides more flexibility on a regional basis.

Techinical specification

Network Interface

- 2x 100/10M RJ45

- 2 USB Ports - One Host, One Client

Plug-in Cards

- 11 Card Slots

- Supported Server cards:

   - Galaxy i5 Server Card

   - Galaxy 2930 Server Card

- Supported trunk cards:

    - Galaxy PRI-1

   - Galaxy FXO8

- Supported extensions cards:

   - Galaxy DSM16

   - Galaxy FXS16

   - Galaxy FXS8

System Cooling

- Removable Fan Try

- Vertical airflow


- 400W, 120-240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz pluggable power supply

- IEC 60320 - C14 power inlet


Designed to fit in a standard 19" rack

- 19" x 7"(4U) x 10.25"

-483 mmx 177 mmx 260 mm)W x H x D

Operating parameters

- Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50 °C

- Storage Temperature: -40 °C ~ 125 °C

- Humidity: 10 ~ 90% NON-CONDENSING

Shipping Parameters

- Dimensions: 32" X 24" X 10" (81x61x25cm)

- Weight: 34Lbs (15.4 Kg)

Operating parameters

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50 °C

- Storage Temperature: -40 °C — 125 °C

Humidity: 10 — 90% NON-CONDENSING

Shipping Parameters

- Dimensions: 32" X 24" X 10" (81x61x25cm)

- Weight: 34Lbs (15.4 Kg)

Supported TelephonyDevices

- E-MetroTel XSTIM Phones, Infinity 5006, Infinity 5010, InfinityOne softphone

- Nortel 1100, 1200 & 2000 series IP telephones

- Nortel T/M series digital telephones

- Nortel M3900, M2000 series digital telephones

- Analog telephones

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